Having an accurate and efficient batching process that produces high quality, uniform concrete is essential in the mining sector. To ensure your next mining project goes forward as planned, ensure you get the right kind of wet batching plant. The ideal solution is one with a silo and mixer option included, is quick and easy to use, has the necessary capacity and is mobile.

Importance of Quality Batching

The durability of a structure depends strongly on the quality of concrete used, something that is determined by the process of measuring and combining ingredients as per mix design. Concrete mix made through the batching process is very cohesive, rectifying problems like segregation, bleeding, poor texture and loss of cohesiveness caused by too much water or batching errors in cement and fine aggregates.

A proper batching method can increase the safety and speed of construction as well as saving on overall costs. It ensures minimal wastage of concrete ingredients and achieves the right proportions every time. This is because batching is automated through bins which hold each ingredient, weigh them and mix them to the exact portion. Batching is crucial when doing concreting for exposed concrete work and for any major project.

What to Look for in a Batching Solution

Quality and efficiency are essential for any large-scale mining project. The right batching solution is essential for that and should be:

  • Easy to transport to any site using a truck or flat-rack container
  • Simple and fast to clean with high pressure hoses
  • Capable of batching, extracting and mixing large amounts of concrete
  • Fitted with the latest technology such as touchscreen panels for easy use
  • Quick to assemble using sliding wheels, leg extensions, hinges and paddling to facilitate position and carrying without needing a crane as mining sites often have space limitations.

An example of a quality large-scale batching solution for mining projects is the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500, offered by Batchcrete. It offers a storage capacity of over 70 tons or 55 cubic metres and perfectly mixes aggregates, cement, water and additives. It can also be cleaned 80 per cent fast than other machines on the market.

Best of all, it features a single touch screen panel to manage and control the mixing process. You can save recipe mixes, input the amount to be produced and program when batching needs to commence. If something goes wrong in the mixing process, the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 automatically troubleshoots any problems.

Concrete Batching Equipment for Sale

If you’re looking for concrete batching equipment for sale or require other manufacturing plant, get in touch with the experienced team at Batchcrete. From mini concrete pump hire to screed mixer hire and much more, we understand the complex nature of the industry and provide concrete equipment to suit a variety of needs, with the option of tailor-built solutions. Call us today on 08 9463 5355 or contact us online for high quality, cost effective concrete supplies.