Batchcrete Quality Policy

SWIRL-2 Batchcrete International Pty Ltd provide batching services to the civil and structural industry however the company also manufactures , designs and constructs (O.E.M) , plant and equipment servicing the building products sector.

All civil and structural activities are performed by competent, qualified personnel, in accordance to contractor requirements. Design requests are submitted to specialist design organisations for preparation, and are managed by qualified engineers employed by Batchcrete.

In addition to the implementation of quality management, Batchcrete has developed a number of in-house technical and safety standards to ensure all work is performed to the highest level of quality as required by our clients, and in the safest possible manner. This quality policy manual therefore addresses all the management and control systems for a construction and engineering environment.

It is our objective to provide our clients with an optimum level of quality, service and price. In order to achieve this objective we have implemented a quality management system based upon recognised International Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Our Quality Management System ensures that all activities are performed in a systematic and controlled manner and in an environment conducive to a philosophy of continued improvement and excellence.

All employees are aware of our Quality System and appreciate and endorse the Quality Policy and Objectives of the Company. All work is performed to predetermined standards in order to satisfy our clients’ requirements. Measurable objectives have been determined to ensure we can assess our performance regularly.

It is recognised that our employees are of vital importance for our future growth and profitability and for this reason we regard employees’ health, safety, job satisfaction, and personal achievement as of the utmost importance.

Stringent standards of excellence and performance are practiced within the Company, with our suppliers, and with our customers


Batchcrete – Enviroment Policy

greenBatchcrete International Pty Ltd, recognises that as a good corporate citizen it needs to provide and promote environmental policies, which demonstrate its commitment to protecting and repairing the environment.

Management commitment to this environmental policy is an integral part of company philosophy and is demonstrated through induction training and continuous consultation. The company’s environmental management system is constructed in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 14001. The policy is initiated, developed and actively supported by all management at the highest level.

This environmental policy is consistent with the company’s organisational aims and objectives and with the company’s quality policy and health and safety policy.

The company is committed to ensuring that this environmental policy meets all of the relevant regulatory, heritage and legislative requirements and through its policy of continual improvement it will endeavour to improve its performance, particularly in the prevention of pollution and meet all the contractual requirements of its clients.

The company, through its performance of internal audits, reviews its environmental performance against defined criteria. The results of these audits are presented to management for review.

This policy is implemented, maintained and communicated to all personnel and is made available to other interested parties, when required.


Batchcrete – OHSE

At Batchcrete International Pty Ltd, a commitment to occupational health, safety and the environment is part of the business.

This is achieved through:

      • complying with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines
      • setting up objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work related incidents in relation to our activities, products and services
      • defining roles and responsibilities for occupational health, safety and environment


Strategies will include:

      • ensuring occupational health, safety and environment management principles are included in all organisational planning activities
      • providing ongoing education and training to all of our employees
      • consulting with employees and other parties to improve decision-making on occupational health, safety and environment matters
      • ensuring incidents are investigated and lessons are learnt within the organisation
      • distributing occupational health, safety and environment information, including this policy, to all employees and interested parties
      • providing enough resources to ensure occupational health, safety and environment is a central part of the organisation
      • ensuring effective injury management and rehabilitation is provided to all employees