Make Onsite Tail Management Easier With Mobile Minefill Paste Plants

What has now become a crucial process in the mining industry has just become more readily available than ever before! Mobile minefill paste plants are guaranteed to make your onsite tailing management more efficient. Read on as we reveal how! Advantages   Multiple applications: A mobile minefill can be transported anywhere and can therefore be used on an assortment of sites. Easy to transport: Move heavy-duty equipment to and from a site with ease. Quick turnaround time: Due to improved pumping technology, mobile plants increase the pace of operations. Operation setup [...]

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Conscious Concrete Recycling Plants

Did you know that all concrete waste can be properly disposed of at a recycling plant or facility? If you’re looking for a smart solution to concrete waste, then concrete recycling plants are just the thing for you! Are you interested in learning more? Continue reading as we unpack the inner workings of concrete recycling plants! The Recycling Process  The first step in the process of recycling concrete is the drop-off of concrete waste. This often includes anything from broken bricks and blocks to old concrete slabs and wet cement [...]

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Cement And How It Makes Modern Life Feasible

Concrete use has been around for thousands of years, literally. There are records of concrete floors, housing structures, and underground cisterns that were produced in 6500 BC in the United Arab Emirates. From 3000 BC - 1500 AD, mortars of gypsum and lime were used in the pyramids and the Great Wall of China whilst, by 200 BC, the Romans were using concrete in the majority of their construction by 200 BC. Unlike the purported 400,000 labourers and hundreds of years needed for the Great Wall, modern technology delivers this [...]

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Is There Science Behind Self-Healing Concrete?

When you hear the phrase self-healing, you might conjure up images of self-help books and circles of people chanting. So what does it mean if you add that phrase to concrete? With a purported 45% of the annual construction budget being allocated to the maintenance of buildings in some 1st world countries, it is not surprising that there is substantial and radical research being done into driving these costs down. Self Healing Research Prof. Kevin Paine, Professor of Infrastructure Materials, Department Architecture and Civil Engineering, is taking the lead in [...]

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The Difference Between Vertical and Horizontal Silos Silos are long cylindrical structures that are used to store a variety of different materials. These structures add massive amounts of value to construction companies and a variety of different industries. When looking for cement storage silos, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you go with a vertical or horizontal silo. In this article, we look at some of the major differences between these two types of silos, and hopefully, you’ll be able to determine which is the [...]

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The Benefits Of A Mobile Concrete Batching Plant On Construction

Mobile concrete batching plants are growing in popularity all over Australia, and for a good reason. For instance, they are one way of decreasing construction costs by avoiding taking the ready-mix concrete route to your work site. With a mobile batch plant, you can eliminate or reduce unnecessary conveyance costs per yard while producing concrete batching on-site at a higher quality because every load of cement is freshly produced. Think about the delivery from off-site batching plants; what do you think external factors contribute to the conveyance of concrete? With [...]

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Recycled Gypsum: The Benefits Of Using Gypsum Recycling Plants And Disposal From Batchcrete

Gypsum makes up approximately 90 percent of the drywalls and is not turning over a new leaf due to the increasing popularity in drywall recycling and disposal. This reclaimed, naturally occurring mineral can be often used in new drywall production, meaning there is less need for new gypsum being mined. What’s more, there are cost and natural resources benefits. Gypsum plants and disposal can be recycled in many ways that can have significant outcomes. In this post, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using gypsum waste disposal and recycling [...]

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The Use Modern Waste Recycling Plants And Machines In Australia

We are faced with concerns of an ailing environment, and if we don’t do anything about it, we’ll be left with a world polluted with contaminants and toxins detrimental to the planet and our own health. With every consumption of goods, we need to be more thoughtful, and it all starts with sorting waste and putting it in allocated rubbish bins dedicated to different materials. Due to the high demands of supply, processing plants are becoming a great solution with profitable benefits. Through processing efforts, we can reduce the cost [...]

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The Best Advice When getting Batching Plants

Portable concrete plants are a necessity for construction sites. And with so many batching plant companies offering all types of plants, it’s important to choose the right company and plant for your needs. For many business owners, the responsibility of getting the correct batching plants on managers, and if you’re reading this piece, you must be in need of help getting the right concrete batch. Where do you start? Homework! Doing your research is the best way to get the right batching plant. The first and most obvious place to [...]

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What Size Vertical Silo Do I Need?

Are you interested in the benefits that a vertical silo could bring to your project? It becomes a difficult choice when you have 10-tonne small scale silos, 10,000 industrial silos, and everything in between to choose from! Trust us; we get it. So, the question of the day is, how do you determine which size is right for you? As professional silo manufacturers, we have helped many clients pick out their ideal silo capacity. Here are a few points for your consideration.  What Space Do You Have Available?  One of [...]

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