Mining can be a complex business. Exploration, feasibility, construction and operations are all considerable investments and filled with challenges. These challenges normally come in the form of fluctuating commodity prices, remote locations and harsh surrounds.

At Batchcrete, we pay attention to these variables and apply proven methodology in converting them into solutions. This is where Batchcrete do their best work, in particular underground mining. Our approach to paste-fill batching and mine maintenance include:

  • Controlling costs and capital investment
  • Operating remotely with mobile equipment
  • Improving on productivity through the treatment of tailings for paste fill.
  • Operating safely within mine specified standards.
  • Environmental management
Mining Products

Our capabilities include:

  • Evaluating equipment associated with mineral processing / paste-fill plants and providing condition reports
  • Provision of mixing and batching plants (mobile and fixed) for the process of tailing as paste-fill.
  • Provision of pumps suited for the mining industry including cement grouting and mortar spraying for wall reinforcement.
  • Provision of operators for batching and paste-fill solutions.
Manufacturing Equipment

Mining Equipment

We understand not all mining operations are the same. They can vary in size and dependant on the commodity, mining methods can be diverse and complex. In Western Australia, our company is the largest authorised representative of world leading and technologically advanced brands for the batching industry.

Company’s such as Sami, Sicoma, Officine Piccinni and Bertoli, to mention a few, demand agents are fully trained by the manufactures that can pass on the benefits of their products to customers with confidence. They also demand agents have a well established after-sales service department with well stocked inventory to keep machines working for many years.

For this simple reason, Batchcrete’s confident in knowing we can provide the best processing equipment suited to many varied and specific needs.

Bachtcrete’s suite of products include:

  • Batching / Past-fill Plants (mobile or fixed)
  • Wide range of pumps for grouting, wall reinforcement, pumping cement
  • Mobile agitator trucks
  • Storage Concrete Silos

Our team of consultants have design, development and construction capabilities and welcome the opportunity to discuss mine process requirements. We strive to provide effective solution that are safe and facilitate low cost and productive operation.