Tony Sabatino

Batchcrete International Pty Ltd

I’m not normally one for cliché’s however it’s amazing how quickly time flies. Batchcrete has now entered its 12th year and the team remain dynamic as ever. It’s been a pleasure to watch the company grow and what makes it even more exciting is that we’ve grown together with our customers

Our quest for new innovation in the systems we manufacture and represent ensures we stay at the top of our game. With continual market analysis and engineering developments, we strive to deliver true and tangible benefits to industry partners.

However new challenges face the industry every day, in particular sound environmental practices. I’m pleased to say Batchcrete continues to exceed in this area with our own stringent environmental policies and continued integration of economic and environmental development of our products.

As a group, our commitment to seeking better ways to protect our environment and securing a sustainable future for the next generation is paramount. As part of the next generation we see our staff as major stakeholders in this process, and as such, we have developed company policy and guidelines and placed them online to ensure environmental issues stay top of mind.

Tony Cammarano

Batchcrete International Pty Ltd
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My partner mentioned in his address how quickly time passes. When one refers to time, I can’t help but think about my own experience and I try to recall where it’s all gone. When I look back, I understand why it’s been an amazing twenty eight years in the mechanical engineering industry.

What surprises a lot of people is that for twenty eight of those years I was either self employed or managed my own business. However the journey has not only been a personal milestone, it’s been a privilege. Training apprentices and watching staff develop is a very gratifying and humbling experience. I suppose it’s my form of succession planning.

As a personal assessment, I see myself as an experienced mechanical campaigner and joining the team at Batchcrete has been a smooth transition. The comfort comes from knowing our staff are high calibre professionals with a common goal of growth and quality performance. This alone gives the directors confidence and the ability to introduce new challenges and rewards in our quest for continued innovation.