Manufacturing Solutions – Building Products

Batchcrete have a long and well established relationship with manufacturers of building products. Not all operations are the same, however our ability to understand the requirements of a typical manufacturing business from an owner’s perspective is invaluable. As a result we’ve been able to develop efficiencies specifically formulated for industry requirements. Our company is now a highly regarded O.E.M and has grown significantly in tandem with our customers.

Through thinking outside the square, Batchcrete have developed production line systems that alleviate manual handling, deliver precise measurement and provides automation as part of an effective and cost efficient system.

Our ability to build production systems that integrate both Batchcrete systems and internationally renowned machinery is critical to the manufacturing supply chain. We understand that ineffective manufacturing processes can be costly, especially if downtime’s involved.

This is where Batchcrete makes a difference. Our machines are CE compliant and built to the highest of standards. Our systems have been designed by mechanical engineers and people who’ve been in the engineering and manufacturing business for several years as stakeholders. The secret to success is not simply vision and knowhow.

Construction Manufacturing

It’s experience! As a group we:

  • Analyse current processes and customer requirements
  • Study factory layouts and provide condition reports on existing equipment
  • Research, recommend and design systems that deliver productivity benefits.
  • Provide constant technical advise and on-site training of staff
  • Provide installation, warranties, spare parts and after sales support.
Construction Manufacturing Product

Manufacturing Products

At Batchcrete, we design and supply innovative systems used in a wide range of commercial applications. We understand that making a capital investment in machinery can be quite daunting. This is why we listen first and go that extra yard to ensure our customers make a sound investment decision.

Both our ready-made systems and custom built production line solutions incorporate local and international know-how. Enquire how a Batchcrete system can deliver:

  • Increase yields
  • Lower operating cost
  • Reduced manual labour requirement

Batchcrete provide manufacturing solutions for the production of:

  • Brick paving
  • Limestone blocks
  • Concrete pipes
  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete soak-wells & covers

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