Service excellence to the construction industry is a core function of our company.

Our objective is to continually challenge ourselves and explore every possible project in our quest to provide high quality, cost effective and environmentally sound batching, pumping, storage and mixing solutions.

The construction industry moves at a rapid pace and operates in a highly competitive environment. It values diligent partners that can deliver high quality outcomes, on time and on budget.

This is where Batchcrete can make a difference. Our products are quality assured, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. Our experts assess every job on it’s merits and work to provide effective solutions that’ll get the job done fast.


The key advantages being:

  • Remote locations not an issue
  • High mobility factor and suitable for tight spaces
  • No capital outlay required, pricing options available based on output.
  • Operators available if required
  • Serviced and maintained by Batchcrete
  • Small on-site footprint
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemical waste emissions
  • Made safe to site specifications

Construction Products

Although the company has grown exponentially we have always maintained our attention to serving the construction trades sector. Our range ensures trades people have the equipment to get the job done by conventional or automated methods to suit all budgets.

Our product are all backed by a comprehensive warranty and our service and spare parts department hold a large inventory of spares to suit all makes and models.

Our comprehensive range of products include:

  • Mixers (60L – 12,000L)
  • Batching systems
  • Pumps
  • Augers
  • Storage silos

Trained staff are able to discuss and demonstrate both features and benefits of the Batchcrete product line. We’re also happy to call on our customers if this is a preferred option. Batchcrete are a one stop shop and can arrange transport requirements to ensure prompt and on time delivery.