Optimising performance at each phase of the production value chain is of the utmost importance.

We have made it our job to understand material processing and have the know-how to add value using process technologies.

Batchcrete can maximise the efficiencies of raw material usage, while minimising waste generation and the consumption of energy, water and auxiliary chemicals.

The company provides batching solutions for the construction and mining industries and specialises in systems conducive to the manufacture of concrete or paste-fill from Brown or Greenfield platforms.

Project Working
Cement Manufacturing Plant

In addition to our manufactured products and complete batch plant systems, Batchcrete specialises in the provision of components such as augers, pumps, agitators, silos and mixers. Our consultants can design and recommend systems that are generally:

  • Cost efficient and safe
  • Accurate and quality assured
  • Integrating – reducing labour requirements and on site equipment
  • Fully warranted

Most importantly, our commitment to after-sales care is of the highest order and enshrined in policy. Batchcrete technicians are mobile and provide ongoing support whilst limiting impact on existing operations. We add value to projects by assessing, recommending and providing the appropriate technologies that facilitate low cost, long life productivity and maximum utilisation.