When you’re executing a large-scale construction or mining project, you can’t afford to have any delays. This means that to ensure production occurs as planned and without delays you’ll need some kind of mobile wet batching plant (preferably with a silo and mixer option included) that’s easy and quick to use and has the necessary capacity. Here’s why Tecnomix’s4 LT-1500 more than fits the bill.


The Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 can be easily transported to any site using a truck or flat-rack container, and it can be assembled and put into action quickly thanks to its hinges, adjustable leg extensions, sliding wheels, longitudinal ambidextrous boarding as well as padding that facilitates the positioning and carrying process without a crane being necessary. Once the job is done, the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 can be cleaned 80% faster than most machines on the market, thanks to a high-pressure water and nozzle system that expertly targets the bin, spider and mixing arms.


With four modular and independent compartments, the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 offers a collective storage capacity of up to 55 m³, or roughly 70 tons of cement. This allows the batching, extracting,and mixing of aggregates, cement, water and additives to occur on a suitably large scale.


A single touchscreen panel controls and manages the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500. Making your job easier thanks to its ability to store recipe mixes in terms of cubic metre, and you can also input the amount to be produced, confirm necessary data and program when batching needs to commence.

Should the concete mix produced be unsuitable in any way, the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 can effortlessly troubleshoot any problems with the mix being created.

From time to time you might find that a chosen recipe for concrete needs to be adjusted in order to change its strength class, work ability and expected environmental class exposure. The Tecnomix 4 LT-1500 can automatically calculate particle size ranges in certain combinations so that the necessary adjustments can be made in terms of moisture quantity being withheld by materials. Detailed reports on concrete production can also be instantly generated and downloaded via USB or cable for external analysis and to improve future processes and outcomes.

To find out more about ordering or renting the Tecnomix 4 LT-1500in Australia, please contact Batchcrete today.

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