When most businesses think of their options in terms of silo transportation and storage, they immediately think of mobile vertical silos. While these are great and have their value, it’s important to remember that other options exist that might be helpful if you’re dealing with a situation where cranes are not available/cannot be used or where anchoring is not possible. We call them mobile horizontal silos, and this is how they could benefit your business.

What are mobile horizontal silos?

Mobile horizontal silos are used in conjunction with truck mixers to transport and store mixes, such as cement in large volumes. It is commonly used on Australian building sites or on road and urban work operations where concrete mixes for prefabricated elements need to be created and something more compact is needed. If your business is in need of an all-in-one mobile concrete storage and batching system, then this should be at the top of your list. Most commonly sized silos of this kind can easily and conveniently be transported onstandard or flatbed trucks used by Australian businesses in their day to day operations.

How can a mobile horizontal silo be used?

A typical mobile horizontal silo is able to discharge, batch and upload materials through a horizontal dischargeand uploading auger conveyor. Materials are weighed and batched within the silos and a telescopic lifting device further assists with loading and unloading. The entire system can be controlled via an electronic control panel and display system, making it easy to use. A key difference between this type of silo and its counterparts is that they all have a standard width to ensure they can safely and effectively remain and easy to use. An increase in storage volumewill resulting in an increase in height.

The benefit of getting your mobile horizontal silo from Batchcrete is that you can customise it to make it more suited to your business’s needs. For example,you could request one with an additional dust filter or water container. You could even have a wireless remote control created to allow you to batch procedures without having to touch the silo.

If you’d like a mobile horizontal silo for your business, please contact us today to find out what your options are.

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