Mobile paste plants are popular for use in underground mining as well as any other situation that requires batched mixtures to be created. In order to have a mobile paste plant that makes your job easier and simpler, it needs to meet a certain standard.

Batchcrete’s mobile past plants are guaranteed to impress, even the toughest critics. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Introducing our Mobile Paste Plant

Batchcrete’s mobile paste plant consists of a 2.8-metre-high, 10-15 000 kg 3-bin system that can easily be transported to and from sites and be assembled and dissembled quickly. With an output rate of up to 150m3/hour and a total storage capacity of 55m³ it is more than capable of batching aggregate materials in large volumes with great positioning freedom. It also has a dedicated batching unit for water and additives as well as a mobile horizontal silo for storage and batching.

Batching is also easy to control, with batching management or launch programs easily accessible at the touch of keyboard or display button. The onboard system can store recipe mixes using calculations per cubic metre, allowing you to indicate how much of each raw material component is needed. It then automatically calculates the mix-to-water ratio (using either internal probes or your provided plant parameters) taking into account aggregate material absorption as well as what the final product will be used for. This data can easily be exported and managed on Excel, for archival and project management purposes.

Extraction is equally simple on the Batchcrete mobile paste plant. It has a vibration system to facilitate material flow, a conveyor to extract material from the silo and a mix weighing/batching plant system with load cells by deduction.

Our mobile paste plant is also incredibly safe to use, has mesh perimeter protections, emergency stop buttons and a perimeter rope as well as a siren announcing the machine stopping, starting and reloading.

With Batchcrete, you only have to wait a week from your order confirmation and deposit to get your mobile paste plant. Contact us today to discuss any additional services that you might also require, such as transportation, commissioning and earthwork. We can assist you with sourcing a qualified technician, running electrical and water mains to your plant as well as any additional work or modifications needed on site or for installation.

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