Construction projects have budgets that can quickly and unnecessarily become exhausted if the project isn’t properly planned out. Decisions about a concrete mixing plant, also known as a batch plant, is normally some of the most important ones you’ll make for the project, and requires you to makevarious considerations before you proceed.

One big question that determines the batch plant you will choose, is whether you are planning to buy it or loan it from another builder?

With that said, these are some of the factors you need to consider:

How Big Is The Project?

Loaning a batch plant is a good idea when you are working on a short-term project, because it will be used for a short period of time with no maintenance needed on your part.

For larger projects, you should consider buying a batch plant. Large projects demand a lot of time and manpower to complete a project. So, you might find that loaning the batch plant for a long period costs roughly the same amount you could’ve used to buy it.

Loaning A Batch Plant

Let’s take it you have a small project and you’d like to loan the batch plant. Consider the size of the batch plant first. Just because you’re loaning the batch plant doesn’t mean it will also come at a low cost.

Some projects require big batch plants because of the material being mixed. That means you shouldn’t opt for small batch plants that costs less, without considering its overall production capabilities.

The Quality of The Batch Plant

Whether you decide to loan or buy a batch plant, you still need to consider the quality.

Depending on the material that your project requires, your batch might need to have spare parts that other batch plants don’t have. Mixing concrete and water only, is different from mixing concrete, water and sand, for example.

Checking the quality also means examining that it is in good working condition and that it will work effectively for future projects.

In the case that you are unsure of the functionality of the batch plant, find a professional that can help you estimate it’s working condition, and possible also the estimated amount you should be paying for it.

Contact us and we will assist you in choosing a batch plant suited for your particular project.

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