Ready to invest in a kibble, conveyor and agitator truck concrete equipment? A big decision you’ll make is deciding whether to splurge on something brand new or rather go for a pre-owned model. If you’re wondering what’s best, we can tell you there’s no right or wrong choice – only one that would better suit your business than the other. Here’s what you ought to consider when deciding.


While the assumption is that pre-owned is cheaper than new, this isn’t necessarily true. Before you eye up the lower price tag on a used model, make sure you know what’s included in the sale as it might omit accessories and additions essential to the machine’s functioning. The same principle applies when looking at a new model – does it come with everything you need to get going right away? Keep in mind that a new model will depreciate rapidly after purchase, lowering its resale value.


How often do you intend on using your concrete equipment? Something for every other day can be pre-owned, while something that is going to be used frequently will have a larger strain placed on it and would be better suited to new equipment. Many new models come with added piece of mind through various seller and manufacturer warranties and guarantees. Check if your pre-owned selection is out of warranty and if it’s been maintained and repaired properly for the duration of its lifetime.


A new market model will no doubt have tons of time saving and value adding functionalities included with the purchase. Don’t go for this option unless you actually need it and will make use of it often, otherwise you’re paying for something essentially useless. An older but no frills, ‘get the job done’ machine can probably be found at a decent price from a wholesaler or auction house.

Neither of these options sounding quite right? Then remember that Batchcrete can help guide you through making the right choice for your needs. We do this through a risk analysis and looking at your exact project or long-term requirements, allowing you to enjoy a tailor-made solution such as dry hire, wet hire with operator as well as options based on your projected output and utilisation leasing.

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