Mobile batch plants or our new Kimera mobile volumetric concrete mixers that has the ability to weigh in all products and complies with Australian Standards AS1379 allow you to produce high quality concrete on site. It’s a transportable unit that you can take from place to place as required and make concrete according to any specification. The benefits of using a mobile batch plant are huge, from eliminating construction costs to ensuring you get durable, well mixed concrete for your project.

Mobile batch plants are generally mounted on a truck or a trailer. Concrete reduces in quality every minute you wait after its produced. Time delays and exposure to heat and dampness while a mix is transported from a fixed batch plant onto the site lead to inferior concrete. Mobile batching plants allow you to lay concrete within minutes of its production, creating a more durable structure.

What are the Capabilities of a Mobile Batching Plant?

Mobile batching plants can make any type of concrete you need by adjusting the materials in the mix. Sand, cement and coarse aggregates sit in divided bins mounted on the unit along with water, which are individually weighed and then mixed to the perfect proportions. You can save recipes on the automated system and change mix designs as needed, producing concrete for a range of purposes including:

  • Flowable fill
  • Fast setting concrete
  • Overlay concrete
  • Pervious concrete
  • Wet and dry shotcrete
  • Self-consolidating concrete
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Civil applications
  • General concrete including repairs

Mobile batching plants are powerful and capable of producing concrete quickly. You can set it up within a day of being on site, after which you can rely on a consistent and regular delivery of quality concrete.

Benefits of a Mobile Batching Plant

Along with the benefits already outlined above, a mobile batching plant also has the benefit of:

  • Providing a continuous flow of concrete as long as there is sufficient material in the bins, allowing you to constantly mix and pour as required.
  • Limiting emissions by not requiring a drum truck to be constantly running and alleviating the environmental impact of concrete wastage.
  • Reducing costs by eliminating wasted materials, streamlining operations and almost entirely avoiding the possibility of errors in the concrete mixing process.
  • Offers a compact structure, making it suitable for sites with space limitations as well as offering greater flexibility and movement overall.

Compare this to a traditional batch plant which is in a fixed location, often not near jobsite locations. As concrete should be poured within 90 minutes, there isn’t much flexibility for the load to leave the batch plant.

Mobile Concrete Batching Equipment for Sale or Hire

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