Concrete is one of the most useful and versatile building materials available, with countless uses across different industries including construction and mining. However, to produce high quality concrete efficiently, you need the right kind of mixer.

With so many different options available, it can be confusing figuring out which concrete mixer is ideal for your requirements. There are different considerations to make depending on the volume of concrete you need, the type of concrete you want to produce, whether you want to create batches or require a continuous mixing system and more.

Power Capabilities

How efficiently and thoroughly the concrete is mixed depends on the speed of the shafts, which in turn depends on the power of the engine device used. The power capabilities of a device are important as it has a huge effect on the end consistency of the mix. For professional quality jobs, its recommended to use a high power motor such as a twin shaft mixing engine.

These use two shafts spiralling rapidly in counter clockwise directions, throwing every particle of the mixture into the middle, creating a high-quality concrete mixture. Using a powerful motor means you will achieve a homogenous mix in a shorter amount of time.


Aside from power capabilities, you should also consider the ideal size for your needs. The capacity of your concrete mixer determines how much concrete can be mixed at any time. If you’re a tradesperson requiring small loads of concrete on demand, a traditional drum mixer with a capacity of 285 litres running on petrol or diesel (5hp/3.75kw) should serve.

For large projects where a heavy-duty solution is required, you can get a twin shaft mixer with a capacity of between 1500 to 12,000 litres. Planetary mixers meanwhile can produce between 250 to 2,500 litres of concrete per cycle. While these heavy-duty machines are certainly more powerful, it’s important to balance size and power with the capacity for mobility.

Batch vs Continuous

Powerful twin shaft mixers can come with either continuous or batch mixing capabilities. With batch mixers, the aggregates, cement, water and additives are all loaded into different drums, weighed and then mixed together at the perfect proportions according to a pre-defined sequence. Everything is mixed together until a homogenous material is produced, which is then discharged from the mixer in one go.

Batch mixing is suitable for most construction projects. Continuous mixing is useful for producing a single high-volume product. In these devices, ingredients are continuously fed to the mixer according to a single formula, with the mixing taking place as the material moves along the concrete conveyor from the charging port to the discharge nozzle. Continuous mixing is utilised for major projects like building a major road.

Quality Concrete Mixers in Australia

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