From bags and pellets to large vertical silos, there are multiple options when it comes to storing your powdered materials in bulk. However, when it comes to reducing costs, keeping the powdered materials safe and streamlining operations, silos are the best option for bulk storage.

Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely appropriate for large scale storage as each situation warrants different design approaches. Suppliers like Batchcrete can custom design your silo to suit your specific needs. This includes your volume requirements, space restrictions at the site, climate, availability of cranes and personal preferences.

Why Silo Storage is Ideal for Powdered Goods

From powdered lime and chemicals to cement and sand, it’s crucial that these materials are stored somewhere that is safe from exposure to moisture or getting blown around by the wind. Silos are an effective way of containing and discharging these materials as required in large quantities while ensuring the quality of materials is maintained. Safely storing materials also reduces the risk of wastage and environmental pollution.

Depending on the size of the silo needed and whether it is vertical or horizontal, fixed or mobile, it can be fabricated using steel with designs that assemble quickly in the field. Steel is ideal as concrete silos are fixed and often require firm, solid soil to support the immense weight of the structure. Steel silos are light and more dynamic, offering the option of mobility and ensuring integrity on less stable soil.

Cost Reductions with Silo Storage

One of the best things about bulk storage is the cost reduction your organisation can receive in raw materials by being able to purchase in bulk. This includes the cost of the materials as well as delivery charges, disposal/removal costs and reduced material handling costs such as unloading delivery vehicles.

Silos can hold up to 2000 tonnes of material, which is ideal for long term storage or for high capacity operations. Inventory management and line stoppage costs associated with raw material shortages can also be reduced or eliminated as modern silos offer the ability to monitor the entire system using an electronic control panel and display system.

Discharging Materials from a Silo

Of course, silos aren’t just used for storage. They can also be used to fill a bulk trailer, dump truck or mobile concrete mixer truck with the stored materials. Depending on the requirements, silos can come in several different arrangements, with variations in outlet height and additional features like a loading spout and positioner. The type of flow will dictate the silo’s hopper slope.

Tailored Mobile Concrete Plants and Equipment

If you’re looking for a portable cement silo for sale or would like to hire or lease concrete equipment, get in touch with the experienced team at Batchcrete. From mini concrete pump hire to screed mixer hire and much more, we understand the complex nature of the industry and provide concrete equipment to suit a variety of needs, with the option of tailor-built solutions. Call us today on 08 9463 5355 or contact us online for high quality, cost effective concrete supplies.