Cement dispensers are a vital piece of equipment in any building project. They are used to feed mixers with cement and play an integral role in the overall operations of any construction venture. Choosing the wrong model or brand of mobile cement dispenser will end in costly, unwanted results as well as project delays and below standard work quality.

At Batchcrete International, we consider ourselves experts in mobile cement dispensers and provide high quality cement dispensers to a range of different clients in Australia. In this article we discuss how to choose the right cement dispenser for your project and what to consider before making your final choice. We’ll say it again, this decision should not be made without proper consideration of all factors, nor should it be based on site location alone.

Choose A Dispenser Which Promises Longevity Even If It Costs A Little More

When buying or renting a mobile cement dispenser, it is best to go with an option that is going to go the distance. It is far better to invest a little more in a durable, high quality and robust piece of equipment, rather than opting for the dispenser with a lower price tag, as it will actually save you money in the long run and avoid you halting your project when the cement dispenser encounters malfunctions or problems. Choose dispensers which are built to last and are especially designed for outdoor use. More specifically, those which can withstand the harshest of conditions and come out unscathed.

Choose One Which Offers Flexible Functionality

At Batchcrete International, we highly recommend you lease or purchase a mobile cement dispenser that boasts flexible functionality. Not only can the best mobile units be easily moved from site to site but also can easily dispense cement into different mixers. A stationary dispenser can be useful in certain situations but does not give you much flexibility should your projects change location.

Choose One With High Capacity Control

You should already know how much cement you will need dispensed and in what time frame. Ensure that the dispenser that you plan on purchasing or leasing can actually handle these capacities as well as employ its capacity control measures. Capacity control allows for the target weight to be dialled into the controller, and when this is reached, the controller will stop the feed. At Batchcrete International, our cement dispensers can handle bin capacities of 1000 or 2000 kgs, so interested parties are spoilt for choice.

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At Batchcrete International, we do not only provide the best in mobile cement dispensers, but we also ensure that the product you need is perfectly suited to your work site or project. For more information on our mobile products, do not hesitate to contact us where our experts will be able to assist you with your needs. We’ll help you choose the right mobile cement dispensers for your business or once-off job so call us right away without delay!

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