As expert silo manufacturers in Australia, Batchcrete has manufactured and supplied hundreds of silos. We consider ourselves very clued up on the safety precautions surrounding silos. And while every silo project is different, here are some of the safety measures you should keep in mind when working with silos.

General Safety

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that the atmosphere in silos can pose as a danger, and that is why silos should be placed a good distance away from houses, power lines, buildings and animals. Another important safety measure to ensure is that no person can smoke around the silos as certain dust silos may contain explosive gases so it is imperative that individuals do not smoke near the ignition sources. In addition, the inside of silos can get incredibly hot so, whenever possible, it’s best to perform jobs from outside the silo.

Entering The Silo Safely

Only enter the silo if it is completely necessary. All the precautions of working in a confined space should be taken and there should be someone on standby. Before entering the silo, ensure you turn off and isolate the auger. The worker entering the silo must be made aware of all risks before issuing a permit.

Preventing Structural Failures

Extra care should always be taken whenever a new product is stored in a silo, as every product has different characteristics and these characteristics should be examined before storage. The instructions from the manufacturer should be followed precisely. When filling or clearing a silo, ensure that people are completely out of the way.

Working In A Confined Space

When working in a silo, you are working in a confined space. This means that there is a potentially greater risk for workers. Risks may include fumes, extreme temperatures, extreme noise, oxygen depletion as well as trips and falls. It is important that, when working in a silo, you understand and are aware of all the risks in involved and take all precautionary measures in order to prevent mishaps or dangerous situations from happening.

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