As you already know, At Batchcrete International, we are concrete plant suppliers who offer concrete batch plants on a lease or purchase basis and have come to know the ins and outs of both options. While other companies like us motivate interested parties to always buy and never lease – with the overriding intention to sell more to increase income and profits – we always motivate what is best for the client itself. Being passionate about our clients and their business, we advise every business owner in a way that offers them the best advantage and the most benefits. We are passionate about concrete, concrete products and those who supply or work with concrete and use this passion to motivate the answers we give to our clients who ask if leasing or purchasing is better for them and their business.

Let’s Talk About What You Don’t Know, But Should Know

The leasing or the purchasing of concrete batching plants both provide a range of benefits and advantages. However, we all know this already. And, we all know the pros and cons of leasing and buying, as well as motivations to go down either path. These pros and cons have been detailed in full glory in our previous blogs, so in this blog we wanted to provide more reasons – which you may not have heard of or even considered – for the leasing of our concrete batch plants.

Leasing Is Great To Test Equipment, Validate Needs Over Wants And To Assist In Evaluating If Asset Purchases Will Guarantee Business Growth Goals

Yes, you already know that leasing can be a great option if it is for a once-off job you’re working on and you’re looking to save costs or have a concrete batch plant delivered to your remote location. However, you may not know that the leasing of concrete batch plant allows you, as a business owner looking to expand business assets and equipment, to test a batch plant and see if it’s the right fit for your current project demands and workflow. Having first-hand experience of the output and capabilities of a concrete batch plant in your unique business setting will assist in validating if your current business operations would benefit from purchasing this plant or not. Purchasing one to later find that it’s a wasted spend that doesn’t benefit your current business tasks is a costly revelation that could have been avoided had you rather leased in the first place.

Leasing a batch plant and putting it to use in your business for a day or two, or even a month, will allow you to validate your need to purchase one for the business or it’ll help you realise that while you may want one and desire to include a batch plant in your asset arsenal, a purchase of one is just not feasible or worthwhile.

Put simply, if it is your first time using concrete batch plant equipment, leasing may be an affordable option in order to test out the equipment that you may be able to purchase at a later stage if needed.

Leasing allows you and your team to get a feel for the concrete batch plant and helps to open your mind to new equipment potential your business may benefit from in future, or in current business times. Reading about batch plants is different to trying one out so lease one for trial purposes if you are interested in batch plants but are not ready or knowledgeable enough to make full-time use of one in your business. If you think purchasing one will improve business operations, then lease one and see if it actually does. If you think purchasing one will allow you to save on business costs, then try it and see if it does. While reading reviews and testimonials may convince you to purchase one, you need to see how the batch plants actually functions in your business and how it impacts your specific business operations. Every business is different and while purchasing one may have positive affects in one business, it may not have the same affect on another.

When it comes to growing your business through the expansion of asset inventory and the inclusion of outputs these new assets would bring, leasing out a concrete batch plant and seeing it’s influence on business operations will provide proof of your projections and predictions or show that what you think will come with owning a new concrete batch plant is not possible in real-life. Leasing out a concrete batch plant and evaluating its impact on business will help business owners confirm whether their purchase will actually lead to the achieving of business growth goals.

Our Concrete Batch Plants Are Available For Immediate Leasing, So Call Now!

As premium concrete plant suppliers in Australia, we have a wide range of equipment that is both for sale and for rent. Top of Form Whether you want to purchase or lease a concrete batch plant, our experts at Batchcrete will assess your needs and offer recommendations for which equipment would best suit you. Buy or lease high-quality equipment at affordable prices from trustworthy concrete plant suppliers by calling 1800-739-006 or making an online enquiry today.

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