Everything You Need To Know About Lime Silos

As lime silo specialists in Australia, we know almost everything there is to know about lime silos. Lime silos have many different uses and benefits and are one of our most popular products. If you are interested in purchasing a lime silo, you may find some of this information useful, as well as interesting.

What Are Lime Silos Used For?

You’ll find lime silos in an array of different industries, and in factories and production lines all across Australia. Silos are the ideal solution when it comes to the storage of powder products. The type of powders that need to be stored will determine which type of silo you should purchase for your needs.

Cement lime storage silos have a wide variety of uses but are most commonly used for the storage of quicklime, calcium carbonate, activated carbon and hydrated lime, as well as a variety of similar products. Lime silos allow lime milk plants to perform auger dosing, continuous weighing and dissolving and vibrating bottom among other processes.

Lime silos are also commonly used in eco-friendly operations, where silos hold and dose products used in waste treatment.

Advantages Of Lime Silos

Lime silos offer you many advantages. The lime silos that we offer at Batchcrete offer the following benefits for your company:

Sized to you requirements for convenient fitting and placement

Cement lime silos are very resistant and durable, and are known to last a lifetime if maintained correctly

Lime silos have a wide variety of functions and can be used for an array of different storage solutions and processes

Affordable options are available, making lime silos accessible to a variety of businesses

All inclusive solutions are provided, including instruction manuals and maintenance guides.

Customisation And Advice

At Batchcrete we aim to give you insightful advice when it comes to your silo needs. We want your silo assembly and maintenance to go as smoothly as possible and that is why our experts have put together manuals to assist you, and we are also always just a phone call away!

For more information on our lime silos, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of lime silo specialists at Batchcrete today!