You’ve all heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your cement storage silo are crucial. It’s so important that it bears repeating. Contributing to workflow and jobsite safety, cement storage silos are a fundamental part of any building, mining and construction business. And when it experiences a slowdown or a breakdown, your business will feel it. So, avoid that dreaded business halt and ensure regular cleaning and cleaning is performed on your cement silo.

Hot Temperatures In Australia Mean Unwanted Clogs And Delays

Hot temperatures in Australia come with increased humidity, and humidity is the root of most cement storage silo problems. Clogs and delays, due to increased moisture and an array of other issues, create performance inconsistencies, slower-than-usual product release, obstructions and other challenges. Clogs and blockages need to be cleared with professional help so that business can continue as usual.

How Often Does A Cement Silo Need To Be Cleaned Or Serviced?

While unexpected cement storage silos problems can be rectified as soon as it arises, preventative measures in the form of cleaning and maintenance services make a world of differences. We, at Batchcrete, highly recommend that inspection, servicing and cleaning are performed every few months. Delaying this will surely end up in larger, costly silo problems.

During cleaning and maintenance, the dried material is removed from the silo walls, vital equipment is inspected and cleaned, and potential issues are spotted and addressed.

Even With Proper Cleaning And Maintenance, Trouble Can Arise; Have A Plan In Place

It’s important that plans are always in place, even if maintenance and cleaning schedules are kept. Outdoor conditions in Australia are ever-changing, leading to clumping and clogging in even the cleanest and maintained silos. Furthermore, certain cement blends are more prone to trouble. So, we recommend you always have a plan in place in case trouble arises unexpectedly.

Silo Cleaning Is Anything But Simple, So Call In The Experts

Doing DIY cleaning and maintenance is anything but simple and should not be performed by inexperienced workers or management. Carrying many risks, cleaning or maintaining a cement storage silo with the wrong tools may negatively affect the silo itself as well as cause injury to those doing the maintenance or cleaning. Rather call in the experts who are trained and who can tackle the cleaning and maintenance in a safe, skilled manner.

We recommend you call us at Batchcrete. As a cement storage silo leader in Australia, we provide silos to the local market and can also help you all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Email or call us without delay!