Time is money in the construction industry, so access to equipment that gets the job done efficiently is critical. Hiring and leasing equipment is an excellent alternative to buying equipment and can be more affordable. There are options to hire on a short and long-term basis. A grout pump is one of the essential tools to have if you’re a commercial builder or a construction company. Hiring one will eliminate the extra costs involved in using manual labour to transport the material.  Here are three benefits of hiring from grout pump suppliers.

Qualified Technical Advice

Hiring equipment such as a grout pump from established and experienced grout pump suppliers has the benefit of their knowledge and experience. The suppliers are experts at providing the best tools, so they will advise you on the best grout pump for the project you are working on. They will share their expertise so you can improve the services of your construction company. What makes it even better is that you will not pay for their advice.


Purchasing concrete equipment may be a daunting task for many companies because it is a considerable financial commitment. The budget will also limit the tools you have to buy, but that is not the case when leasing. Doing so gives you more flexibility to choose a model to suit the job, and gives you an option of scaling up or down as the requirements of the job changes. This will allow you to be at your client’s beck and call to react quickly to their needs and have the equipment that will fit their purpose.

Access A Range Of Equipment

Grout pumps are available in a variety of sizes, including small and compact manual grout pumps for pumping grouts. They have an extensive list of capabilities. There is also self levellers and micro-fine cement injection equipment as well as machines with compressors and onboard mixers to mix and pump grouts. There are also fully automated grout pump machines to produce high volumes of grout for house slabs, crew piling and so much more.

Hiring construction equipment will save you time and money as well as impress your clients on the efficiency of the work you provide.

If you are looking for grout pump suppliers, Batchcrete International offers a vast range for sale, lease or hire. Whether you need a diesel-powered mixer pump, a continuous mixer pump, an electric mixer pump, or any other pump in our range, our team can help you.