Cement sprayers play a vital role in the success of construction projects in Western Australia. It is used mainly to seal the concrete once its placed down to keep it dry. Once it is sealed, water, dust and other minerals will not penetrate the cement’s pores. The seal makes it easier to clean and lengthens the lifespan of the concrete. A cement sprayer is created to distribute the cement sealer across the concrete slab evenly. It contains specially designed seals and gaskets to handle a variety of chemicals, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Inhibits Mould And Mildew

Concrete absorbs water and moisture because the concrete is porous, leading to the formation of mould and mildew. They form on concrete that stays wet for long periods and results in a green discolouration appearing. The seal from the cement sprayer will inhibit the growth of mould and mildew and protect it from other unsightly growths. The sealing process also blocks moisture, keeping the concrete safe from freezing and thawing.

Increased Lifespan

A concrete surface lasts about 30 years, although it does suffer from cracks and discolouration, harsh elements, scaling, and other common problems, making your concrete look old and dingy.  This impact will force you to repair or replace it. Sealing it using a cement sprayer will increase its durability, which prevents potential damages from occurring and increase the likelihood of it lasting even longer than 30 years.  It will ensure the concrete looks great, attractive and works appropriately.

Protection From Wear And Tear

Even indoor concrete surfaces suffer from daily wear and tear due to activity, and that is where sealing it plays a vital role. It is an inexpensive option and can add value, protection, durability and extends the life of the concrete. It will slow down ageing and weathering to bring more value to your property.

The type of sealer you use is just as crucial as the cement sprayer in making your construction project a success. Whether you are working on a multi-million-dollar project or a project on a smaller scale, the quality of your work will make the difference. Use equipment that will guarantee you a job well done every time.

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