Are you a concrete producer and are looking for the right cement storage silos manufacturers in Australia? There are plenty you can find – you’re only a search engine results away, but how do you know they are the manufacturer to trust? You will have to look at more than just what their website and social media profiles proclaim. Here is what you need to look out for.

References Are Essential

Just like you would do when hiring a new employee, asking for references is essential to gauge the capabilities of the manufacturer. You want to understand what they can offer because once you provide the green light, it will be a challenge to change a silo that weighs about 100 tons. Ask details about the manufacturers last three projects and contact information for the client. If the work was done right, these clients would be more than happy to tell you about the excellent job the service provider did or condemn the completed work. This will indicate the quality of the manufacturer before employing them to produce silos for you.

Follow Up On Testimonials

Be diligent and make the call or email the references provided to ensure that the clients were satisfied. Cement silos are an enormous investment for any company and staying on top of this will prevent substandard work. Another benefit is to check the company’s website but not at their promotional material. Look for project pages and testimonials from previous clients. Check the dates of the projects; the more recent it is, the more relevant it is to what you need.

Hold Out For More Benefits

Whether you need a storage silo to store grain, cement or chemicals, the after-sale services a company offers can save you money in the long-term. Installing silos does not just end there; there is also aftercare services, including breakdown service, spare parts, silo auditing and regular maintenance. These services will provide you with peace of mind. If you are not happy with what one manufacturer is offering, then find another who offers even better services.

It is tough to find a storage silos manufacturer that ticks all the right boxes, but you will not have to look around anymore. At Batchcrete, we are equipped to provide storage facilities and other cement products for projects in varying sizes. Our storage silos are used in a range of sectors, including commercial and industrial plants. We would be happy to give you our references.