For those not in the know, a mobile, or transportable, dry batch plant boasts single or multi-bin dry batches, a mobile horizontal silo, additional vertical storage silo option, a fully automated system and a water tank and pump option. A wet batching plant contains multi-bin units, planetary or twin shaft mixers and a skip or conveyor feed.

Benefits Of Going Mobile

Mobile batch plants are a necessity when working on multiple construction and building sites. Not only are they more convenient, they’re also much easier to transport by truck or trailer from site to site. They can be used anywhere! They’re also more cost-effective as there won’t be a need for expensive multiple static plants as one mobile plant will do the job perfectly. Whether for large or small scale projects, there’s a wide range of plants to suit every commercial or personal need and, better yet, each of which can be rented, leased, or bought.

Pros Of Choosing Dry

Dry mobile concrete plants are more suitable for construction projects which require large amounts of concrete and general quality concrete at that. They are highly efficient, convenient and boast stable performance. These dry batch plants do all the work for you. Usually used to batch aggregate, this aggregate is easily conveyed from the batch plant to the storage silo and then easily discharged into concrete mixer truck for easy transport to the construction site – a process so simple and streamlined. These plants can be customised according to different users as well and are quick to set up on site so no time would be wasted but rather applied to getting the job done.

Pros Of Choosing Wet

Mobile wet batch plants have a mixing engine and can be used for a wide range of functions at medium-scale construction sites, prefabricated plants, commercial concrete production plants and many other concrete construction projects. A main advantage of this type of batch plant is that it produces a very high quality of concrete and also has the advantages of high productivity and quality, reliable performance, low investment and long service life.

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