Silos are common storage units but what you might not know is that these structures come in many shapes, forms, materials and they are also known to store more than just grain within them. Here’s a little more on the subject of what silo manufacturers make these structures for.

What Is A Silo?

Silos are structures manufactured for the purpose of storing bulk materials. Used commonly in the agriculture sector these structures are more often than not used to store grain or other kinds of feed. Other commonly stored materials that you will find these structures are used to store include sawdust, food products, woodchips, carbon back, cement and coal.

Types Of Silos

The three broad types of silos that exist are bag silos, bunker silos and tower silos.

Tower Silos

The tower silo is a vertical structure that is made of concrete, wood or steel. The biggest benefit of this type of silo is that it tends to pack well thanks to its own weight.

Low-Oxygen Tower Silos

Another common variant of this structure is the low-oxygen tower silo. This structure is intended to store its contents in an optimal quality state.

Bunker Silos

Bunker silos are another common kind of silo. These kinds look like trenches typically with concrete walls. These trenches are filled with the material intended to be stored through the use of loaders and tractors. The trench is then covered with a tarp which is then pulled taught so that the silo is airtight. This kind of silo is best suited for large operations and one of the more inexpensive storage methods.

Bag Silos

These silos are heavy plastic tubes, the size of which depends on the amount of material that’s stored. This kind of storage silo requires little in the way of capital investment and is discarded once used. This is a great temporary measure when extra storage is needed.

Cement Storage Silos

There are different kinds within this group like the static upright cement silo or the low-level mobile silo. These kinds of silos are typically used to hold and release cement, as well as, other power-like materials. These structures are easy to maintain and transport.

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