KOMPACT, a condensed dry batching plant which encompasses all of the features you desire from a full dry batch plant. Easily transportable by tractor or articulated vehicle makes the KOMPACT just that much more desirable. With an added bonus of not requiring a crane to lift in place. Having the ability to produce concrete directly on the construction site where it is ultimately needed saves you both time and money. The plant is equipped with two hoppers for stocking and dosing aggregate and a horizontal silo with a storage capacity of 50 tonnes. Equipped with top-class accessories, this mobile plant is far from ordinary.

Standard (Yet Unique) Features Of KOMPACT:

Boasting a 100m3 production capacity per hour per batch, it is clear to see that KOMPACT is far from that which the name suggests, compact. With a 50-tonne horizontal silo, there is no disputing that this little machine can hold its own in the industry.

Gone are the days of programming and reprogramming your equipment to provide you with the perfect mix for your site, our specialised touch screen controller has the ability to store 100 of your favourite mix designs in a few steps. This not only brings your equipment on-site to the next level but increases productivity as well as ensuring perfection every time.

Hoisted with PLC controlled Additive flow meters and pumps the KOMPACT allows for the ease of flow of water ensuring that your mix never misses a beat and is always fully hydrated.

Additional features to include are ticket printing, Gen-set as well as Hydraulic jacking legs to ensure the working height is always up to your standards.

Let’s Get Technical With KOMPACT:

Now for the exciting part of KOMPACT where we get to show off our unique features and the power of our machine.

With a capacity of 40m3 and an installed power of 48kw, we cap our total mass of 85.000kg. The hydraulic control unit motor is 1.5kw with a 50-litre compressor, it is easy to see why this little machine can compete with the bigger players in the industry.

Auger conveyor for cement extraction from the silo, a piece that requires no introduction as the technical specifications speaks for itself. The Coil diameter holds a ø 250, Pitch: 125 e 250, Gear motor Motovario: H82 FA 1:8 PAM160 and finally an impressive Motor: 11 kW.

An Additive System as impressive as the KOMPACT leaves nothing to be desired with a motor spec of 0.55 Kw – 1400 g/min. The power of supply 380 V 50Hz and a flow of 25 Lt/min. A 6-bar air pressure and product viscosity max of 100 C.Ps. Perfection is therefore made between our max Operational temperature of 40°C and a minimum of 0°C.

A small but powerful generator holds a power of 49 kVA, a Rev/Min of 1500 utilising either a single or three-phase. The KOMPACT’s conveyor has a motor of 9.2 kW with a max flow of 150 m3/h and a speed conveyor of 1.1 m/s.

At Batchcrete, we not only provide the best in mobile batch plants but we ensure that the product you need is perfectly suited to your site. For more information on our not-so-compact KOMPACT and the uses thereof, do not hesitate to contact us where our experts will be able to assist you with your needs.