The decision to purchase a silo is not one that should be made likely. Buying a silo is an investment and just like with any investment worth making, there is a process that should be followed to get the most out of it. First thing’s first, don’t be intimidated by your choices, take it one step at a time by first finding the right storage silo manufacturer. Here is a bite-sized guide to purchasing the right silo for you.

Key Facts When Buying Silos

Take your time to make the decision, as owning one of these structures is a long-term commitment. Choose carefully. All silos are made to ‘do the job’ but some do it better than others.

Think long-term; what are your storage requirements for the next two decades? Look further than just the next season. Consider obtaining a gas-tight sealable storage that has additional aeration as these kinds of storage units are reliable in terms of insect control and stored material quality maintenance.

Be sure that air and gas-tight storage is sealed against the atmosphere meets the Australian Standard AS2628.

Quality Features Inside And Out

When purchasing a silo, know that you will be trusting the care and maintenance of your materials to that silo. Maintaining grain quality, for instance, while it is being stored will rely on the structure’s aptitude for controlling temperature, moisture and insects. Therefore, it makes sense to search for a storage structure that provides aeration cooling, as well as, a gas-tight sealable internal environment for successful fumigation.

Aeration cooling may not reduce grain moisture extensively, it will assist in the prevention of moisture migration and reduced grain temperature. When aeration cooling is properly managed, it provides cool, uniform conditions all the way through. This is what discourages mould growth and pest infestation. Most importantly, it maintains grain quality. Additionally, another advantage of aeration is how it can be used to ventilate a silo after fumigation in 24 hours, a process that would typically take up to five days.

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