Low-Oxygen Storage Tower Silos: All You Need To Know

A silo is a large storage structure that stores bulk materials and is used in architecture. The most commonly stored materials that storage silos for sale are used for includes grain, coal, woodchips, food products, cement, sawdust and carbon black. The most common types of storage silos around are bag silos, bunker silos and tower silos.

What Are Low-Oxygen Storage Tower Silos?

This variety of storage silo has been designed to store the contents in a low-oxygen atmosphere constantly. The reason for this is to maintain the state of the materials within. For instance, fermented contents can be regulated and maintained in a high-quality state. Other reasons for this internal environment are that it prevents decay and mould. These are common occurrences in the upper layers of stave silos and bunkers. The only time that these silos are opened to the atmosphere is during the time that you first load the materials into the silo. Even the chute that is used to unload is air-tight and doesn’t allow external air infiltration.

Benefits Of This Silo

The design of a larger structure like this would typically prove to be pretty costly because it needs to be impenetrable and safe from atmospheric pressure changes over time. Instead, the structure of the silo is open to the atmosphere but outside air is kept out and separate from the air within the structure thanks to the sizeable barrier bags that are sealed to the silo breather gaps.

During warmer climates, when the silo is heated, the gases that are sealed within the structure expands and the bags release and collapse to ease the pressure. In the evening when it is cooler, the silo’s internal air contracts and the bags take air in and expand again. This is how the silo cools down.

With this storage method, there will be fewer chances of contamination as the materials are not exposed to outside contaminants including the air and its adverse effects on the stored material. As mentioned above, the bags that line the silo regulate the structure’s temperature keeping your contents at the same temperature and atmosphere.

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