With mining and construction production increasing at an alarming rate, many suppliers have been known to rush into the creation of machinery which has barely improved on from its predecessor. ECOMIX batch plant in conjunction with SAMI, have uniquely designed a batch plant which is able to provide both wet and dry tails for underground Minefill Paste as well as for the treatment of contaminated soil.

Main Characteristics

With a state-of-the-art extraction system which includes chains and shovels as well as a fully inclined bin laced in specialised materials, it has never been easier to precisely mark the correct descent as well as the extraction of challenging and glutinous materials. This ECOMIX is sure to hit the mark every time assuring you precision like never before.


Having a mixer which allows for batch for batch mixing as well as continuous mixing allows you to have a one-stop machine which will fit any project. With the option of either one or two storage hoppers, there are unlimited possibilities with the type of materials needing to be treated.

The RD0018-ECOMIX 2 encompasses all of the features you would require for optimal use boasting a 12m3 Storage Bin for Slurry as well as a weighing bin of -0.8m3. Fitted with a 1m3 output planetary mixer you are able to confidently mix your desired amount for any site.

The RS1 Bag breaker utilizes a 1m3 capacity and is specifically designed for cement and powder transfer, topped off with an electric control panel with start/stop function. Not only are you able to timeously break up your cement but the RD0018-ECOMIX 2 comes with a full control cabin.

With four Silos the ECOMIX allows for storage of four different materials ultimately delivering you the opportunity to utilise your machine to the fullest. Each Silo boasts a capacity of 50m3 for Cement storage, Bentonite storage, Lime storage as well as Hydrated Lime storage.

Why Use Ecomix Batch Plant?

In a time where safety needs to take the highest priority, it is critical to choose a Minefill that will not let you down. The Ecomix has revolutionised the way Minefill is being produced used on both wet and dry significantly increases not only the accuracy but ultimately your productivity. Having a machine which sustains the advantages from both wet and dry batch cement plants remain the ultimate goal. Long servicing intervals, as well as the versatility, has left many in the industry in awe, ultimately replacing two essential pieces of machinery with one.

At Batchcrete, we provide our clientele with only the best equipment. Feel free to contact us with any of you mixing requirements or additional queries on ECOMIX and our fully trained staff will be happy to assist.