A frequent misconception that results in incorrect purchases and a waste of financial resources, is that you can purchase any cement mixer. As these are heavy-duty equipment, project managers assume that any concrete mixer is sufficient for their requirements. However, choosing anyone can result in inadequate use for the construction project requirements.

Equipment is an asset to your business, and it should improve productivity in the long run. Choosing to purchase or hire one, requires careful consideration because other elements will affect your final choice. Here are some of the questions you should be asking before you buy?

Do I Need A Petrol, Diesel or Electric Cement Mixer?

Determining your power supply requirements is essential. While petrol and diesel models are suited to rougher surfaces, electric cement mixers work better in interior settings. While engine specifications can assist with the decision, it’s crucial to think about how the power supply will flow to your cement mixer. Electric equipment will need a power source, while petrol and diesel mixers are easier to fuel up.

Does It Need to Be Portable?

Depending on the project and its environment, you need to think about whether a stationary or portable mixer would be better. If the project requires portable equipment as it progresses, a portable mixer would be the better choice. It is also advised to compact choose a stationary mixer if your project does not require mobility. There is a price difference between mobile units and standing mixers, so this can affect your purchasing decision.

How Often Will the Cement Mixer Be Used?

As a business in the construction industry, you may have already listed the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing rather than hiring. If it is a better financial decision to make, the performance of a cement mixer is another substantial consideration to make. If the unit purchased is to be used daily, a higher-performing model would be advised. Cheaper models can end up breaking down faster if it is over-exerted.

These are significant contemplations to make when purchasing a mixer to ensure your equipment is adding value to your processes and project. Please speak to us at Batchcrete International to increase your productivity with the right equipment; we are the expert cement mixers & concrete plant suppliers in Perth.