Cement is an important material in our lives, yet we don’t know much about it. What we do know is that its responsible for helping society build urban structures and support our way of life, making it better. It is used extensively in constructing buildings, parking garages, office buildings, roads, bridges, dams and also to support kerbs, drains and pipes. The cement is mixed with other ingredients including crushed stone, sand, rocks, gravel and water. The equipment that combines the different ingredients to create concrete is called a concrete plant. Various construction companies purchase from a cement plant and then hire or buy from concrete plant suppliers who have a variety of equipment that will be suitable for the project. Since cement is so important in making concrete, let us read about three types of concrete it is used to make.

Precast concrete

It is a type of concrete that is pre-moulded into a particular shape and then installed on-site. The precast concrete is frequently used to construct bridges because each section of the bridge is pre-moulded. The sections are then secured together on top of the structural pillars. This concrete is also used to build high rise buildings and office blocks.

Tilt-up concrete

It is a type of concrete that is cast while in a horizontal position on level ground while on-site. The concrete is then tilted into a vertical position using a crane. The cast of concrete can be produced in many shapes and sizes, including walls. For example, a building’s walls can be built on-site, and the concrete is poured into large slabs that are raised to form the walls once dry. It is a quick, easy and cost-effective alternative.


It is undoubtedly the most popular type of concrete and has been widely used for almost a century. Paving is vital in building airport runways, streets and sidewalks. This material can be divided into four types which are; reinforced paving with contraction joints, plain pavements with dowels which is metal bars for structural reinforcement, reinforced paving with continuous longitudinal steel rebar and plain pavements with aggregates.

Concrete plays a vital role in any construction project, and to make quality concrete in the right amount, you will not go wrong with concrete plant suppliers. However, if you are in construction then you will know that to mix concrete, you will need the correct equipment. At Batchcrete International, customers can hire and purchase what you need to complete your construction project.