Passing a construction site and seeing cement dispensers is a common occurrence, it’s a machine that’s regularly used, and it’s functionally can improve project lead times. It’s essential for building or renovation jobs as well as for those that work in the construction industry. However, a common misconception is that a cement dispenser is only useful on bigger sites and for big businesses. This isn’t an accurate perception, because regardless of your business’s size, it can be a valuable asset to add to your operations. Here are a few reasons why.

1) Cement Dispensers Are Time Efficient 

A significant advantage of using such machinery is that it’ll have a positive effect on your scheduling and labour resources. You’ll cut down on the hours taken to dispense cement and concrete manually, be able to reallocate your workers to other tasks and ensure that the project is running smoothly without extended timeframes. The work can commence on time and with no waiting intervals – which is a huge benefit for your workforce.

2) Cement Dispensers Have A Consistent Output 

Whichever other methods you’ve been using previously to dispense cement and concrete is likely to have had a very inconsistent output in mix and amount. A cement dispenser will continue ejecting the same amount every time, with no precise settings because of the design of the machinery. However it will have a controller feed to regulate the amount passing. This is important when determining how specific dimensions need to be and evaluation after dispensing.

3) Cement Dispensers Are Hard-Wearing Equipment 

Heavy-duty machinery needs to operate in extreme external environments. The material that a dispenser is made of is tough, with large capacities in the bin and height. It has a strong motor which is beneficial for heavy loads. Using a cement dispenser on rugged surfaces or during severe weather conditions is no problem because of the durability of the machinery. It is also something that you’ll be able to use in the long-term, provided you pay attention to maintenance, repair and upkeep.

4) Cement Dispensers Can Be Mobilised 

A crucial part of considering purchasing a cement dispenser is the mobility of it. It can be made portable to suit your requirements, which is beneficial if you’re working on numerous sites at the same time. It can be moved quickly by your workers once you’re done and is easy to store after use.

Cement dispensers are advantageous to any construction business, simply because of how resourceful they are. They can be seamlessly integrated into your operations and process, with minimal effort and maximum benefits. From decreasing project lead times to providing high-quality structures at a consistent level across, your workers will be able to focus their efforts on other demanding aspects of the job. Contact Batchcrete International to invest in one today.