Silos are commonly used in a range of industries where secure storage of materials is necessary, from agriculture to mining, construction and military. Made out of either fabricated steel or concrete, silos protect stored material from exposure to the elements as well as simplifying the delivery and management of the materials within. Below are five of the most common materials stored in silos.

1. Grain

Grain is one of the most common materials stored in bulk. Farmers all around the world depend on them to stored grain for extended periods of time after harvest. Silos storing grain are made of out metal, which provides an airtight structure that ensures the grain is kept fresh as well as eliminating the need for fumigation or insecticides. The tight metal structure also keeps animals and other pests from eating any grain and infecting it with bacteria.

2. Cement

Silos are also used by the construction industry for storing cement, making it readily available in distributor sites or construction sites. Cement silos can be either horizontal or vertical depending on space restrictions and whether mobility is desired. The airtight metal structure eliminates the possibility of moisture interacting with the cement, maintaining its integrity until required.

Silos are often custom-built for cement storage to be the right size and have the necessary features. This includes nozzles, flow control, stairways, interior maintenance platforms as well as vibrators and pumps that can be managed by a timer and a microprocessor which can be programmed as required.

3. Sand

Sand can be an inconvenient material to store and manage as it blows around and can flow like liquid. Silos are the perfect solution for storing sand until it is ready for use, whether in construction or landscaping. The airtight silo keeps out any dampness, which is essential if the sand is going to be used in the production of concrete as moisture can impact the quality of the final product.

4. Silage

Silage or undried plant material that is used for livestock feed is commonly kept in silos on farms. Silos are an ideal bulk storage solution as the silo preserves the proper moisture content, preventing mould growth, fermentation, unwanted seepage and any degradation of the feed.

5. Wood Chips

Whether for biomass power generation, landscaping, restoration projects or creating wood pulp, wood chips often need to be stored in bulk. Silos are an ideal solution for holding wood chips in a compact space where it is safe from the elements, which can cause rot or discolouration.

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