There is more than one kind of storage silo, you don’t have to settle. You can shop around and make sure that you find the perfect one for you and you’re needs. Each of these types can vary in size. There are plenty of big and small silos for sale, here are the most common types.

What Is A Storage Silo?

A storage silo is an assembly that has the function of storing heavy equipment or materials. These structures are used in various industries, particularly within the agricultural and construction fields. When it comes to the agricultural uses, storage silos are often known to store food or grains but that’s not all that they’re good for.

Concrete Stave Silos

Built from common components that are manufactured with long life and high strength in mind. Even so, these silos are known to be pretty flexible thanks to the height change function that makes the structure fit your needs. These silos can also be taken apart and reassembled when necessary.

Cement Storage Silos

This is a category that has a few sub-groups like the static upright cement silo and the low-level mobile silo. These two silos are examples of structures that are used to contain and release cement and other types of powder substances. These are the variety of silos that are typically easy to move and set up where you need them.

Low-Oxygen Tower Silos

This kind of silo is designed to maintain a low-oxygen atmosphere constantly as a way of preventing decay and maintaining quality fermentation depending on the contents of the silo. The silo may be out in the open, but the internal air is kept separate from the outside. There is a process that handles the heat during the daytime and the silo is cooled during the evening.

Bunker Silos

This kind of silo has concrete walls that are filled with loaders and trackers. Once filled, the trench is covered with a tarp to seal the contents and make the silo airtight. These are typically cheaper silos that can be transported easily with a tractor and loader.

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