Finding a potential manufacturer is the easy part. Just hitting the search button after typing in ‘silo for sale’ or something similar will come up with more than a few sellers near you. Knowing which will give you the best product for the sale is the key and the quickest way to assure this is by asking the right questions.

Three Essential Questions To Ask Your Silo Manufacturer Before Buying A Mobile Silo

Purchasing a silo is no small decision, it’s a big decision that luckily comes with more than a few options. The best way not to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible suppliers is to find a well-supported manufacturer and ask these three questions:

Question 1: “What Are The Storage Capacities Of Your Silos?”

Each business that is need of a silo will have a different storage need than the next. This is where companies that only sell one size fall short. Finding a silo manufacturer that supplies an array of sizes is best for those that are shopping around before committing this way you might just end up finding what you need with the manufacturer that you’re speaking with. Browse through the different sizes while chatting with a representative to make your needs clear and they might just have a suggestion. Speaking with a professional will help, especially if you’re in the browsing stage of your search.

Question 2: “What Is The Price Range That Your Silos Fall Within?”

This will be relevant to the quality, the size, as well as, other features. Since the price will vary according to the specifications, it’s best to first find out a general range with which you will be working within. Comb through the supplier’s catalogue, request quotes and feel free to ask other questions here as well. For instance, as about the distinguishing qualities between two quotations. This is where your budgeting will come in and you’ll find yourself one step closer to your end goal.

Question 3: “Are There Additional Assisting Products?”

This is where you’ll be planning for the maintenance and upkeep of the silo. Being prepared for having the silo in your possession is important as you’ll want to protect your investment and find out if you should add-on other products and support to help with that.

Making sure that you’ve got the right silo manufacturer in your corner is very important and that way that you do this is by asking the right questions. Someone that checks all of the above boxes is Batchcrete. If you’re in the market for a silo, contact us today!