You’ve decided that it’s time to do it, to knuckle down and get the ball rolling when it comes to the project you’ve got in mind or are in the middle of. When the phase comes that you need to start looking into getting your hands on a mobile horizontal silo, there are a few things that you need to consider.

What Are Mobile Horizontal Silos?

Before we get into the various factors that you need to consider, let’s cover our basis and make sure that we’re on the same page. Mobile horizontal silos are used along with truck mixers to transports and store mixes like cement or paste in large amounts. In Australia, these are commonly used pieces of equipment on various construction sites. Mainly used as all-in-one mobile concrete storage and batching systems, they can do the job of three separate machines if the job calls for it.

Your Financial Situation

Just like any other time that you’ve weighed your financial situation against the need for a purchase, this time is no different. You will need the capital whether you choose to buy or hire the mobile horizontal silo.

The Cost Of Hiring Verse Owning

This factor works in conjunction with all of the others on this list as your situation will dictate the necessity along with the profit that this machine will bring you in the long-term.

How Long The Project Will Take

Thing factor along with the frequency of the job will need to be factored into your decision. Think about it, you wouldn’t buy a new hairbrush if you didn’t need it, and that’s a tiny cost in comparison to this piece of heavy-duty machinery.

The Availability Of The Equipment

Is the silo readily available if you’re thinking of hiring it? This factor has to do with whether you will be able to acquire the equipment if and when you need it. This factor will also go into the decision of purchasing as you may have to act fast when one becomes available and there’s a high demand.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more than just these few factors to take into consideration. This is a general list, for more specialised decision-making assistance, stay tuned.

For all of your building needs, check-in with Batchcrete International as they’re leaders within their respective industry. Both for sale and for hire, you will be able to find the perfect mixing and batching solution for your project with these mechanical product and usage experts.

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