A compact batching plant is a unique variation of your standard concrete batching plant. You might even say that it’s an upgrade. The big difference between the concrete batching plant other batch plants is the way that the plant combines the mobility of mobile concrete plants with the durability that stationary concrete plants offer. More on this below.

The Difference Of Having A Kompact Mobile Batch Plant

Since the convenience of mobility is paired with the durability of a stationary plant, the other perks that come with this machine are secondary as this initial combination is pretty unbeatable. An additional advantageous feature of this machine is that it’s similar to portable concrete batching plants in that they are also made of assembled and pre-wired modular designs and units.

It is because of these features that compact concrete batching plants are also easy to transport and setup just like portable plants. Additionally, these machines require little to no foundation all while remaining perfectly stationary, and sound like a fixed concrete batching plant would do while doing the job. Equipped with the best features of both stationary and mobile batch plants, these machines are often the preferred ones for the job. It is many a construction project out there that this plant is unrivalled for thanks to these very features and benefits.

Key Features

A few of the more noteworthy features of this machine include its:

  • Capability of producing 10 to 12m3 of concrete a batch
  • Capability of producing 100m3 of concrete an hour
  • Compact designs
  • 50-tonne horizontal silo
  • Automatic control system
  • PLC controlled additive flow pumps and meters
  • Water flow pumps and meters
  • Ticket printing
  • Hydraulic jacking legs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less foundation
  • Customised designs
  • Need not to be lifted in place
  • Gen-set

These are just some of the features that make up the versatile and advantageous nature of this hybrid construction project assisting machine. The technical characteristics of this model only add to the unbeatable status of the machine.

To find out more about this concrete batch plant model and for more innovative mixing and batching solutions, take a look at the various specialised products that Batchcrete International has to offer.