Did you know that all concrete waste can be properly disposed of at a recycling plant or facility? If you’re looking for a smart solution to concrete waste, then concrete recycling plants are just the thing for you! Are you interested in learning more? Continue reading as we unpack the inner workings of concrete recycling plants!

The Recycling Process 

The first step in the process of recycling concrete is the drop-off of concrete waste. This often includes anything from broken bricks and blocks to old concrete slabs and wet cement that have gone unused.

Next up is the crushing and sorting process, during which excavators break down larger pieces before metal fittings are manually removed. Once the pieces are broken up, a digger will transfer them into a heavy-duty machine that will further crush them. The crushing process sorts the cement into a range of different recycled products such as scalps, aggregates and dust.

Now that different recycling by-products have been produced, they are ready for pick up! Companies that use recycled concrete are free to arrange for their material to either be collected or conveniently delivered.

The final stage in the recycling process is for the purchaser to reuse the cement in new ways. Take a look at an assortment of unique uses listed below!

New Uses For Recycled Concrete  

  • Paving of driveways – You can use recycled concrete as a base for paving of driveways and paths to be laid on top of it.
  • Mix new concrete – If aggregate is the by-product of recycling, then this can be used to mix new concrete.
  • Landscaping projecting –  Amazingly enough, when finely crushed, recycled concrete can even be used in landscaping projects as a mulch or ground cover replacement.

Benefits Of Recycling Concrete

Two major benefits of recycling concrete are that it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Recycling helps sustain a zero-waste policy, meaning that you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Furthermore, the recycling process reduces the amount of money spent on tipping and removal fees to help you get rid of unused material. Not only does concrete recycling reduce the need for further mining, but it also prevents unused waste from ending up in a landfill.

We offer innovative mixing and batching solutions catered to a wide variety of projects. Get in touch with the Batchcrete International team if you’re interested in learning more about concrete recycling plants! With an assortment of equipment for sale and hire, we’ve got what you need, no matter the size of your project!

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