Do Mobile Concrete Recycling Plants Help With Carbon Emissions?

Construction, demolition and reconstruction of buildings has been going on for millennia. This always requires a large volume of aggregate and cement which is fast depleting our natural resources. This risk combined with carbon emissions is the driver behind the growing demand for the use of mobile concrete recycling plants with filter presses. Batchcrete has seen a direct impact through equipment bookings, and we look at the carbon emissions impact today. The Use Of Mobile Concrete Recycling Plants Recycled aggregate not only minimises the need for quarried natural sandstone but [...]

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Conscious Concrete Recycling Plants

Did you know that all concrete waste can be properly disposed of at a recycling plant or facility? If you’re looking for a smart solution to concrete waste, then concrete recycling plants are just the thing for you! Are you interested in learning more? Continue reading as we unpack the inner workings of concrete recycling plants! The Recycling Process  The first step in the process of recycling concrete is the drop-off of concrete waste. This often includes anything from broken bricks and blocks to old concrete slabs and wet cement [...]

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