What has now become a crucial process in the mining industry has just become more readily available than ever before! Mobile minefill paste plants are guaranteed to make your onsite tailing management more efficient. Read on as we reveal how!


  • Multiple applications: A mobile minefill can be transported anywhere and can therefore be used on an assortment of sites.
  • Easy to transport: Move heavy-duty equipment to and from a site with ease.
  • Quick turnaround time: Due to improved pumping technology, mobile plants increase the pace of operations. Operation setup is less time-consuming than at traditional plants, and wait time is thus further reduced.
  • High strength: Mobile plants mean that nothing requires installation that could potentially damage structures and cause instability upon disassembly. High-strength paste ensures safer ground support for underground mining.
  • Reduced costs: Machinery is not being paid for unless in use, and no additional maintenance expenditure is required.
  • Better quality control: Better quality control is made possible when operations occur onsite.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Paste backfill is a wonderful example of clean coal mining. It is more sustainable in application, and a mobile plant generally produces less waste in the long run.

Take a look at the considerations below that further detail how paste plants help to reduce the mining industry’s carbon footprint.

Environmental Considerations 

Smart technologies that allow for clean mining are helping to balance the scales between earth’s precious resources and our consumption of them. One such technology is paste backfill. It allows for better restoration of natural materials, and it reduces the area required for tailing disposal.

Backfill Paste is excellent to use in dry areas as well as in mined areas that require stabilization. There is little to no bleeding of water during these processes, which helps sustain this valuable resource by ensuring that none is wasted. Furthermore, all tailings are stored underground, which ensures no surface distribution and potential damage.

Mobile minefill paste plants are amazing backfill solutions. If you’d like to know more about this tailing management alternative, check out our website! Batchcrete International is ready to provide you with innovative solutions and advice.