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At Batchcrete International, we understand the complexities and obstacles that the construction industry faces daily, especially regarding concrete placement. One of the most prominent issues is transporting concrete efficiently, economically and safely to specific locations within a construction site. 

It can be especially challenging when dealing with heights, tight spaces, or remote access areas. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver customised pumping solutions to streamline your operations and amplify productivity. 

That’s where we come in, offering state-of-the-art solutions that address these critical needs while maintaining the integrity and quality of the build. With our expertise and a comprehensive range of concrete injection pumps, we empower our clients to tackle even the most demanding construction challenges head-on.

Significance of Concrete Pumps in the Construction Industry

Concrete pumps are at the heart of modern construction procedures. These machines are essential for efficiently transporting liquid concrete through pipes and hoses to the required site areas. The substantial benefits these pumps provide have revolutionised the industry:

  • Speed: These pumps facilitate a quicker delivery of concrete, helping keep projects on or ahead of schedule.
  • Labour Costs: By reducing the number of labourers needed, concrete pump for sale save the workforce expenses significantly.
  • Accessibility: They can reach areas that traditional methods cannot, ensuring that no site is beyond the scope of effective concrete placement.
  • Economical: These pumps can reduce overall construction cost and time, creating a more efficient building process.
  • Quality: Concrete injection pumps deliver a more uniform and quality-assured placement, reducing errors and material wastage.

Appreciating these pumps’ crucial role in contemporary construction, Batchcrete supplies specialised machinery. This machinery is tailored to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of diverse projects.

Our Featured Concrete Pump Products

Let’s look closer at what Batchcrete offers in concrete solutions, highlighting our top concrete injection pump products. These machines are built to handle your construction needs effortlessly, making your projects faster and more reliable.


  • Mecbo Concrete Boom Pump

As an answer to the challenging aspects of concrete delivery and placement, our Mecbo Concrete Boom Pump is engineered to perform exceptionally well in various scenarios.


Here are some of its applications in the construction industry:

Pouring Volume Concrete: A prime choice for laying down large volumes of concrete for foundations and slabs.

Elevated Pouring: Exceptionally suited for high-rise construction, ensuring concrete reaches significant heights efficiently.

Ease of Transit: Engineered for easy relocation, this pump provides quick, economical, and secure concrete pouring options.

Diverse Output: Delivers concrete outputs from 25m3/hr to 150m3/hr to accommodate project scale variability.

Impressive Reach: Benefits from booms extending from 12m to 53m in different sections with multiple fold designs, maximising delivery flexibility.

Specialised Shot-Crete: An ideal solution for tunnelling and other specific applications where precision is crucial.


  • Mecbo Concrete Line Pump

For precise, careful concrete placement, the Mecbo Concrete Line Pump presents a piston-driven workhorse.


Here are some of its applications in the construction industry:

Concrete Slabs Pouring: Its powerful piston drive ensures an even and smooth pouring of concrete slabs.

Advanced Accessibility: A mobile trailer-mounted pump that can effortlessly move around confined or difficult-to-navigate construction sites.

Vertical Pumping Proficiency: Demonstrates its worth by effectively pumping concrete to elevated areas within multi-story constructions.

Enhanced Safety and Control: Promotes a safer job site with its controlled pouring technique.

Maintenance Efficiency: With the proprietary “Pulsar Valve” system, this pump ensures consistent operation with less need for upkeep.

Versatile Application: It also aligns with the precision and solid construction required in specialised jobs like tunnelling and shotcrete applications.

Why Choose Batchcrete?

Choosing the right partner for your concrete needs is crucial, and Batchcrete is here to make that decision easy for you. Here’s why trusting us means you’re getting a reliable friend in the construction business.

  • Robust Reliability and Peak Efficiency

Our pumps undergo careful testing to guarantee they stand up to the rigorous demands of contemporary construction environments. You can rely on their performance for every project.

  • Cost-Effective and Adaptable Solutions

We are committed to offering affordable and operationally cost-efficient machinery, ensuring that your investment translates into tangible value on-site.

  • Tailored Customisation and Superior Support

Recognising the unique nature of each construction project, our specialist team aids you in selecting and tailoring the machinery to your specific requirements, offering unparalleled service.

  • Industry-Leading Innovation

Batchcrete is at the forefront of technological advancement in the concrete pumping industry. We actively incorporate new features into our pumps, giving you a competitive edge with the most modern and innovative equipment.

  • Sustainability Consideration

Environmental considerations are critical in our operations, and we ensure our machines are built with energy-efficient technologies, minimising the environmental impact of construction processes.

Batchcrete – Your Strategic Partner in Construction

Choose Batchcrete International for durable, versatile, and efficient concrete pumping solutions. Our Mecbo concrete injection pumps are equipped and ready to face any construction challenge. They ensure the success of your project through high-quality, timely, and risk-free concrete placement. 

Whether your project is expansive or compact, Batchcrete offers the equipment, know-how, and support you need to excel in the demanding construction industry.

With our dependable machinery, innovative technology, and excellent customer service, we are not just a supplier but your strategic construction partner.

Trust us to power your next project to its successful completion with our robust concrete pumping solutions. We are here to help you build the future, one solid foundation at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you if you have any further queries. We’re always here to help you with more information.

1. What makes your pumps different from others?

Our pumps are designed with the latest technology to ensure they are efficient and reliable, making your job easier and more productive.

2. Can your pumps be used in tight and remote areas?

Absolutely! Our pumps are versatile and can effectively handle concrete placement in tight spaces and remote locations.

3. Are there customised options available for the concrete pumps?

Yes, we offer customised solutions tailored to meet your specific construction needs, ensuring you get the most out of our products.

4. How do I get support if I face issues with a pump?

Our dedicated customer service team is always willing to aid you with any problems or queries, providing quick and efficient solutions.

For more information, make a product enquiry or call 1800-739-006.

  • Mecbo concrete boom pump

    • Ideal for pouring volume concrete for footings, floors & suspended slabs
    • Fast, economical and safe method of pouring concrete
    • Ideal for pouring concrete at height
    • Easy to move from site to site
    • Concrete pumping systems, output from 25m3/hr – 150m3/hr
    • Concrete booms from 12m to 53m (3,4&5 sections, R and ZR folds)
    • Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications
  • Mecbo concrete line pump


    • Powerfull piston driven line pump ideal for pouring concrete slabs
    • Mobile trailer mounted pump provides versatility in difficult access areas
    • Capable of pumping concrete vertically
    • Safe method of concrete placement
    • Patented “Pulsar Valve” control system ensures low maintenance & smooth pouring
    • Shot-crete for tunneling and special applications
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