Cement Storage and Dispensing Solutions Only At Batchcrete International

Faced with the challenge of managing cement efficiently? At Batchcrete International, we understand how crucial smooth cement handling and dispensing are to your projects. That’s why we’re here to help. 

As your trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive suite of concrete batching and mixing solutions tailored for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our range includes robust augers, convenient bulker bag dispensers, intelligent cement dispensers, and space-saving silos, all designed to simplify your construction work. 

Ideal for Australian businesses, our products are tailored to address every concrete-related challenge. This ensures that every project progresses smoothly, without any interruptions.

Importance of Cement Storage and Dispensing Materials

Cement storage and dispensing materials are crucial components in the construction industry. They play a vital role in ensuring efficiency, quality, and operational continuity. 

Here are several points highlighting their importance:

  • Preservation of Cement Quality: Proper storage shields cement from moisture and contamination. Both of these factors can significantly degrade its quality. High-quality dispensing materials maintain their integrity until use, ensuring the resulting concrete’s strength and durability.
  • Efficient Material Handling: Automated dispensers and well-designed storage units allow for quick, efficient handling of cement. This reduces manual labour, speeds up the construction process, and cuts down on operational costs.
  • Minimization of Waste: Precise dispensing helps in using the exact amount of cement needed for a task, minimizing waste. This saves money and is also beneficial for the environment.
  • Operational Continuity: A systematic approach to cement storage and dispensing ensures that there is always a sufficient supply of cement for ongoing projects. This continuity is essential for meeting deadlines and preventing project delays.
  • Safety: Proper storage solutions minimize the risk of accidents by reducing the chances of cement bags toppling over or spillage. Additionally, dispensers can be designed to minimize dust, a significant health hazard.

Discover Our Leading Products

Explore our best-in-class construction essentials which are a curated selection of tools designed to streamline your project requirements. From robust material movers to precise dispensing units, we provide practical and efficient solutions tailored to your building needs.

  • Augers

Make moving materials such as cement easy with our top-notch augers. Great for transporting things across distances or heights, these tools are made to carry a lot of material smoothly, helping you get the job done easily. 

They come in different lengths, up to 13 meters, to fit various tasks and can move between 5 to 150 tonnes of material every hour. Their strong build stops blockages, lasts a long time, and lets you set them at many angles, even straight up.

Lengths: Choose from options up to 13 meters.

Capacity: Powerful enough to shift 5 to 150 tonnes per hour.

Features: Made to avoid jams, very sturdy, and adjustable to many positions, including upright.

  • Bulk Bag Dispenser

Handling big bags of materials is a breeze with our Bulk Bag Dispenser. This tool lets you use just the right amount for your work, cutting down waste and saving time. It’s perfect for fast and accurate tasks and can deal with up to 1-tonne bags efficiently.

Capacity and Output: Fits up to 1-tonne bags for fast use.

Construction: Strong yet easy to move around.

Control: Optional exact weighing for special needs.

  • Cement Dispensers

Keep your big projects moving without stops with our Cement Dispensers. They automatically keep cement coming where it’s needed, letting you continue working without breaks.

Capacity and Output: Two sizes for big tasks.

Construction and Features: Easy to move and reaches high spots without trouble.

  • Sami – Eurosilos (Horizontal)

Save space and keep various materials neatly with our horizontal Sami – Eurosilos. These units are made for easy access and smooth material handling, and they are in sizes that suit your space and work needs.

Storage: Different sizes with features for easy material use.

  • Sami Silm 3DE Cement Dispenser

For quick tasks, our compact Sami Silm 3DE Cement Dispenser is simple to set up and use. It’s portable and has handy features that make working easier, which is perfect for bulk bags.

Innovative Design: 3m³ capacity for different places.

Features: Moves materials well for smooth and steady jobs.

  • Silos (Telescopic, Panel, Segmental, and Mobile Horizontal)

Our silo range offers easy-to-install and easy-to-use storage solutions. Whether you need something that can move or stay in one place, these silos keep materials safe and fit your project needs.

Versatility and Capacity: From 20t to 1200t, with models that can move easily to feed mixers or plants directly.

Check out our wide range of products designed to make your construction work easier, faster, and more cost-effective. 

Why Choose Batchcrete

Enhance your building tasks with our dependable, easy-to-handle solutions.

  • We promise high quality for our equipment, designed to last under tough Australian conditions and provide reliable service.
  • Our equipment is made to cut down on costs without lowering quality, offering great value and helping you stay competitive.
  • Batchcrete’s solutions are mobile and easy to set up, helping you start work quickly and save both time and money.
  • Our dedicated team offers complete support, from helping you choose the right equipment to after-sale service, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Let’s Get Started

Batchcrete International is your trusted source for effective, reliable, and affordable cement storage and dispensing solutions. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the perfect equipment to enhance your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the dispensers accommodate different cement types?

A: Yes, our dispensers are versatile enough to handle various types of cement. Whether you’re working with Portland cement, masonry cement, or any other speciality type, our dispensers can efficiently manage and dispense the material.

Q: What are the size ranges available for your silos?

A: Our silo selection ranges from compact storage systems, providing solutions for both small-scale projects and extensive industrial applications. Additionally, we offer telescopic, panel, and segmental options for varying needs.

Q: How do I determine which cement storage and dispensing system is right for my project?

A: The choice of system depends on several factors, including the project size, site space constraints, cement volume required, and the duration of construction. Our team of experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable system based on these specific criteria.

Q: Are the bulk bag dispensers easy to operate and maintain?

A: Our bulk bag dispensers are designed with the user in mind, ensuring both ease of operation and low maintenance. They are built from durable materials for a long service life and feature simple mechanisms for trouble-free operation. If maintenance is required, access points are strategically designed for convenience.

For more information, make a product enquiry or call 1800-739-006 today in Perth, Australia.


    Features & Benefits
    • Hoppper loading with mini loader or skidsteer, limits manual handling
    • Available in Diesel or Electric
    • Steel Collar to prevent spillage
    • Very mobile and easily transported
    • Pneumatic Tires
    • Water tank with level indicator
    • Opposite direction rotation for discharge

    Features & Benefits
    • Available in three sizes to suit any job
    • Saftey cut out, shuts down mixing if grille is opened
    • Light weight for ease of loading and transport
    • Bag opener alows for mess free addition of product
    • Dispense chute and deep pan allows for mess free operation
    • Water supply connection installed.
    • Adjustable legs for levelling on unstable ground

    Features and Benefits
    • Available in either pertol or electric motors
    • The single shaft turbo mixing action has multiple mixing arms and prepares cement in quick fashion
    • A guard over the outlet prevents access to the mixing zone
    • The tank protection cover allows the mix componets to be loaded without access to the mixing zone
    • Trailer mounted. Easily moved from one location to the next
    • The mixer will stop if the cover is open
    • Water supply connection installed.
  • Mixer Buckets

    Features and Benefits
    • Less manual handling.
    • Low cost mobile mixing solution
    • Rotating mixing arm produces a high quality mix.
    • Fully enclosed gearbox drive
    • Electronic chute opening, from inside of cab
    • Mixer buckets are ideal for low lying concrete work
    • Dependant on the model, the mixing bucket yields approximately .2 to .6m³
  • Sicoma MAO – Twin Shaft Single Batching System

    Features and Benefits
    • All MAO mixers are supplied with the following standard accessories:
      • Liner plates and mixing plates in Ni-Hard Cast Iron
      • Mixing arms in cast iron, bolted to shaft
      • High top cover with inspection hatches and ports
      • Inspection platform and stairs
      • Wiring of all auxiliary devises to a IP55 Junction Box
      • Alarm box with related sensors and probes.
      • Auto grease lubrication system with electric pump and sequential distributor.
      • Wrench kit for the mixer maintenance
      • Safety key lock for accident prevention
  • Sicoma MAO/C – Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers

    Features and Benefits
    • All MAO mixers are supplied with the following standard accessories:
      • Liner plates and mixing plates in Ni-Hard Cast Iron
      • Mixing arms in cast iron, bolted to shaft
      • High top cover with inspection hatches and ports
      • Inspection platform and stairs
      • Wiring of all auxiliary devises to a IP55 Junction Box
      • Alarm box with related sensors and probes.
      • Auto grease lubrication system with electric pump and sequential distributor.
      • Wrench kit for the mixer maintenance
      • Safety key lock for accident prevention
  • Sicoma Planetary Mixers

    Features and Benefits
    • Huge double horizontal shock resistant gearbox. Gears immersed in oil bath giving every gear optimum lubrication
    • Gearbox carries 5 year or 10000 hour warranty.
    • Strong mixing arms with blades made from ny-hard iron, 550 HB
    • 15mm ny-hard cast iron floor and wall lining
    • Up to 4 swing out discharge sector doors with either hydraulically, pneumatic or manually operated.
    • A hollow central shaft allows washout jest to be mounted under the rotating arms. Together with a powerful high pressure pump unit, a tornado of water cleans the mixer reducing your wash up time by about 80%
    • Compliant with ISO 9001:2000
  • Sicoma Lab Mixer MP75/50

    Features and Benefits
    • Large loading opening
    • Radiant plates with thermal sensors
    • Tip limit switch
    • Hydraulic tilt function for discharge of product
    • Fully enclosed control cabinet.
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