In the manufacturing, mining, construction and agricultural, and even the civil engineering industries, silos have always been a popular and necessary asset to rent/purchase. This is because for decades upon decades now, they have provided workers and business owners with major assistance on various site projects such as allowing operators/companies to mix and dispense cement lowing, as well as, being able to provide landowners with reliable and useful storage opportunities.

Although Vertical Silos may have been a popular choice between a fraction of these industries, Mobile Horizontal Silos have taken most industries in which they are needed by storm. Considering the various uses and advantages of horizontal silos, it is certainly clear as to why.

The True Advantages Of Mobile Horizontal Silos 

Mobile Horizontal Silos are used as sustainable storage for powders, granules, pellets and ashes, which is one of the biggest reasons they are the perfect match for power plants. Those aren’t the only reasons horizontal silos are the best choice for your business. There are so many varying advantages to Mobile Horizontal Silos, it’s near to unbelievable.

  • Mobile Horizontal Silos offer operators a start-up and dismantling ease that increases efficiency and limits overall time constraints on entire projects.
  • The word “mobile” should give it away, but yes, one of the biggest advantages of Mobile Horizontal Silos is that they are extremely easily transported by either box containers or road trailers.
  • They also happen to have the smallest environmental impact than any other silo machinery.
  • Installation is also made so much less of a tedious task as there are no permissions required in order to install; and as an added bonus there are also no civil works required when it comes to Mobile Horizontal Silos.
  • They are extremely versatile and are used in many other application fields. For instance, the ecology, industrial, chemistry, and recycling all are avid users of mobile horizontal silos.
  • Since they can be divided internally into multiple components, this allows owners to store more than one type of material in a single silo.
  • Most silo companies provide the option of customization of your mobile horizontal silo. Which means that color, placement of the company’s logo, and any other customization you could desire is possible.

With so many undeniably alluring advantages to owning a Mobile Horizontal Silo, the fact that you don’t own one already surprises us just as much as you! Contact Batchcrete International today to consult with one of our dedicated professionals about acquiring your very own mobile horizontal silo.

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