Looking for a mass concrete producer, with all the additional touches? A high technology machine that leaves nothing to the imagination? The Kompact may be right for you. Masculinity at its finest with overarching power, this 85 000kg machine is designed to assist you on every project, without fail. Below we have highlighted but a few of the many features this beast holds.

Standard Features For The Not So Standard Site

The Kompact comes standard with jaw-dropping features that in days past would have cost an additional fortune to add to your machine. With 100m3 production of concrete per hour, you are ensured that each project takes top priority. With a capacity to produce 10 to 12m3 of concrete per batch and a 50-tonne horizontal silo you can conquer the largest of projects with ease.

Overall Dimensions

An installed power of 48 kW has even the biggest of boys shaking in their boots, this monster machine can power through and outshine its predecessors, but that’s not all. A hydraulic control unit motor boasting 1.5 kW as well as a 50Lt Compressor there is nothing in its class.

All About The Silo

Storage is your number one with a silo and we get that the extraction of your cement takes a top priority. With a Coil diameter of ø 250 and pitch higher than Mariah Carey, yes, we are speaking about a range of 125 e 250 extraction has never been more beautiful. Not to mention a gear motor Motovario H82 FA 1:8 PAM160 pushing an 11 Kw motor not only are you always on time but always creating perfection.

An Additive System

Creating perfection is not easy, we know because it took us years to understand and implement the changes needed to the KOMPACT to provide you with the best results. Our additive system has never been smoother with a 0.55 Kw motor providing you with 1400 g/min. A constant and unwavering supply of power at 380 V 50Hz and a flow so smooth it makes your hair stand up, yes, we are speaking about the 25 Lt/min. Speaking about power, did you know that the KOMPACT comes with a 49kVa generator? Additional features to the additive system include a 6-bar air pressure and a product viscosity of 100 C.Ps. In case that is not hot enough for you, the max operating temperature sits at 40 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 0 degrees, hello Dubai projects?

Just To Push Us Over The Edge

Complying to AS1379 Australian Standards the KOMPACT not only fulfils your every need but more… With a touch screen remembering important mix designs (unlike that time you forgot your anniversary) you will never need to take notes again. With hydraulic jacking legs (for jacking up to the correct working height) the KOMPACT does not require a crane to lift in place.

If you are tired of paper trails and your additive system requires more attention than your wife, contact us today to see how we can make your life just that much easier. Be wise, don’t compromise with KOMPACT.

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