Hydrated lime – otherwise known as calcium hydroxide or slaked lime – is a white powder or clear crystal, depending on the grade, produced by treating calcium oxide with water in a process known as slaking.

This highly useful compound requires proper storage and processing technology – such as a hydrated lime silo system – for bulk storage.

At Batchrete International, we offer cement lime storage silos that cater to an array of use categories, such as:

  • complete extraction plant for fluidification or vibrating bottom;
  • auger dosing;
  • rotary valve;
  • microdoser; as well as
  • continuous weighing and dissolving.

All silo systems can be custom designed to suit the dimensions of your plant and specific application.

Hydrated Lime Uses

Although it has a wide array of applications, hydrated lime is most commonly used to remove impurities during steel production.

Other common uses for hydrated lime include the manufacture of mortar, paint, cement, plaster, various petrochemicals and rubber, and tanning leather and food production. Hydrated lime is even used to nullify acid gasses in coal-fired power stations and other fossil fuel combustion facilities such as furnaces and smelters.

It is also used for stabilising building foundations as well as for roadworks, runways and dam linings. Its alkaline properties also make hydrated lime useful in raising the pH levels of acidic soils in agriculture.

Whatever the use, you’re likely to need a large amount of hydrated lime for it. Therefore, a bulk storage solution is essential.

Hydrated Lime Dangers

Hydrated lime can be a potentially harmful chemical when human beings are exposed to it. It has corrosive properties and can be particularly harmful to the skin and eyes. Severe or prolonged exposure can lead to lung damage, choking or even death.

Moreover, exposing the compound to moisture can cause an exothermic reaction which would not only spoil the product but could also be dangerous as it can cause unexpected heat generation.

A hydrated lime silo system will ensure that the compound is stored and processed in an airtight manner to avoid contamination of the material from airborne particles and moisture to maintain its chemical integrity, as well as to prevent the contamination of the air on-site with hydrated limestone particles, thereby protecting personnel.

At Batchcrete International, our hydrated lime silo systems are designed with the client in mind. We’ll advise you on the right solution for your specific application and tailor it to suit your needs. Contact us now to find out how we can help you!

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