Plasterboard recycling is an innovative technological process that combines a mechanical crushing action with a double dry compression. This process separates the gypsum and paper from the plasterboard leftover after demolitions, renovations and processing scraps. This waste recycling system fully recovers both materials: The recovered gypsum power is free of paper and can be used on new productions or disposed of properly.

Create Fertilizer From Gypsum Instead Of Taking It To A Landfill

Instead of taking the gypsum waste to a landfill, many companies opt for recycling gypsum to turn the waste into fertilizer. This recycling method benefits agriculture and helps food production. Put your gypsum waste to good use by transforming it into a critical ingredient in fertilizers. Your company can sell the fertilizer to farmers or stores; or even donate it to those who need it in your community.

The Benefits Of Gypsum Fertilizer

Gypsum has high calcium and sulphur levels, which plants need for growth, the improvement of acid soils, and treating aluminum toxicity, which affects the plant’s roots. Fertilizers also loosen the soil, making it easier for air and water to move through the ground. Allowing water to move through the earth prevents it from becoming waterlogged, reduces erosion, and ensures that phosphorus and other nutrients remain in the soil.

Creating Gypsum Fertilizer Is An Easy Process.

The process of creating fertilizer using gypsum waste from plasterboard is inexpensive and straightforward. Your gypsum recycling machine removes the paper from the plasterboard and then adjusts the PH level to make gypsum powder. The system then releases the paperless gypsum, which can be mixed with plant material such as leaves to create fertilizer.

Other Uses Of Recycled Plasterboard Gypsum

There are other ways to use recycled plasterboard as there are a variety of applications that currently use gypsum as an ingredient. These applications include:

  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Concrete construction products
  • Forming partition structures

The Overall Advantages Of Using Recycled Plasterboard For Business Purposes

Not only does recycling plasterboard have benefits for the environment, but it also has benefits for the business itself, which include:

  • It reduces the volume of waste needed to be sent to a landfill
  • It reduces costs that were going to be used on materials
  • It increases your business profile and commitment to environmental responsibility

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