The Sicoma planetary mixer is a fixed, heavy duty, general purpose mixer that provides world class mixing action. It’s ideal for manufacturing building products at a large volume while ensuring consistency and high quality. Using a unique mixing action, materials like resins, clay, reconstituted limestone and more can be blended to manufacture blocks, suspended concrete floors and other building products.

The planetary mixer has one or two mixing stars that rotate around themselves as well as rotating around a central point, enabling each arm to cover every inch of the floor repeatedly. This results in a more consistent, efficient mixing process that provides more concrete per hour.

The Unique Mixing Arms

The mixing arms, paddles and gears are arranged in a way that ensures that every particle of concrete is swept and moved with high repeatability. The mixer features three cast iron arms per star with two or three stars for depending on the model. The way these arms rotate and revolve is what gives the mixer its name as they move in a planetary motion.

The mixing action is fast, powerful and thorough, breaking up zero-slump mix quickly. Each arm sweeps an inch or so behind its previous path while other arms cover the gaps, ensuring every inch is covered. Mixer loads can start from as little as 250 litres through to 2500 litres of compacted concrete per cycle.

Benefits of a Planetary Concrete Mixer

Planetary mixers are widely used construction, civil and industrial projects to produce concrete, dry mortar and steel fibre reinforced concrete, as well as other industrial applications like dough, syrup, jelly and more.

Benefits include:

  • High efficiency, with a strong stirring movement leading to short mixing cycles
  • Low maintenance with no contact between concrete and maintenance parts
  • No wear on the seal of the main shaft end, avoiding leakage problems
  • Flexible unloading position and optional discharging door available
  • Unique water spraying ensures equal distributions of water and ingredients.
  • High mixing quality and uniformity from the planetary motion and forceful blade movements that shear, squeeze and turn the aggregate, ensuring a homogenous mixture.

Planetary concrete mixers can be expected to last a long time operating at perfect capacity due to the way it is built to reduce wear on crucial parts. For example, the liner plates are made out of 15 mm Ni-hard cast iron tiles, significantly increasing the life of abrasion resistant steel liner plates, reducing lifetime costs.

Quality Concrete Mixers in Australia

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