Twin shaft mixers are ideal for industries that require large volumes of high-quality concrete. Using powerful twin shafts that counter rotate allows for fast mixing action, consistency and rapid discharge. It can handle mix designs with coarse aggregates up to six inches in diameter.

Twin shaft mixers may be used to prepare everything from ready-mix and precast concrete to glass batch, sand-lime bricks, asphalt and more. Twin shaft mixers can come as batch mixers or as continuous mixers depending on how much concrete needs to be produced.

How the Twin Shaft Mixing System Works

Most people have a basic concept of what twin shaft mixing is. It involves two synchronised and horizontal shafts that turn in opposite directions, throwing the ingredients from the outside of the mixing unit into the middle. This ensures all materials in the mixer are thoroughly combined as well as offering a faster mixing process and a more homogenous end product.

Powerful jets force water into the mix as the shafts turn where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly, forming the strongest paste or concrete. Single batch twin shaft mixers can output up to 9,600 L of concrete in up to 90 seconds. Continuous twin shaft mixers can produce well over one million cubic yards of concrete a day, with an easy in-feed system using a cement auger, conveyor or other system.

Benefits of a Twin Shaft Mixing System  

What sets this mixing system apart from others is the way the mixing blades are designed to thoroughly and continuously move the materials in a spiralling, screw-like motion. This allows for:

  • Short mixing times with high quality concrete produced in 1.5 to 2 minutes
  • High intensity mixing from the increased level of motion caused by the twin shafts
  • Energy efficiency and reduced wear from the powerful, rapid mixing system
  • No segregation of materials with a much higher blending force, ensuring a homogeneous mixture at the end.

Twin shaft mixing occurs over three phases, starting with amalgamation, then mixing followed by discharging. Each process is designed to achieve the best possible result by ensuring ingredients are precisely blended at the right time. This system can achieve 95 per cent homogeneity in just thirty seconds.

Quality Concrete Mixers in Australia

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