If you work in the construction industry, it’s likely that you understand how important batching equipment is. Concrete plays a crucial role in any construction project, and the quality of that concrete determines the quality of any structure made from it. In order to make high quality concrete, you need equipment that can precisely combine ingredients like gravel, cement, water and other additives.

Batching Systems

The technology that goes into modern batching systems is intricate and constantly evolving. A batching plant has many components to it including a silo, cement bins, concrete conveyor, cement mixers, heaters and more. A lot of these components can have variations to them according to your requirements. Many batching solutions are custom designed so they are engineered to produce the specific results desired.

Today’s batching plants are computerised, which allow you to automate and manage certain processes easier. For example, you can program the device to load materials in specific quantities, save recipes and make minute adjustments to those recipes. Automated batching plants are intelligent, capable of detecting issues and troubleshooting without you having to intervene.

Weighing Process

The precise batching process is what is truly valuable about batching equipment. Each ingredient (sand, coarse aggregates etc.) is located in a separate bin. They are each weighed before moving along the concrete conveyor to get mixed with the cement auger. Meanwhile, the water can be batched by weight or volume.

Volumetric batching or metering of water is usually done using a flow meter which measures the volume of water that passes through the valve. Once everything enters the mixing unit, everything is in precise portions so that the ideal mixture is created.

Different Types of Batching Equipment

Batching systems can come as either wet mix batching plants or dry mix batching plants. The former involves homogeneously mixing all ingredients and then dispatching the concrete into a pumping unit or transit mixer, mixing all the dry materials first and then dispatching it into a mobile concrete mixer truck where water is added.

The mixing component may be driven by a planetary, single shaft or twin shaft engine. Planetary mixers use multiple arms to thoroughly mix while single/twin shafts use one or two screw shaped arms to mix, all of which tend to result in a homogenous concrete mixture.

Concrete Batching Equipment for Sale

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